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Disabled Iraq Veteran Seeks Government Grant Money To Avoid Homelessness

by Michael Oliver
(Mountain Home, ID, USA)

I am disabled Iraq vet that has been unemployed since March 2010. I would use the money to get caught up on my car payments and to find a place to live.

My wife of eight years has filed for divorce and wants me out of our home.

I get a small disability check ($651) from the Veterans Affairs for my disability once a month.

I am facing homelessness and reposition of my car because my wife has cut me off financially.

The company that holds my car loan has told me that I do not make enough money for them to assist me by reducing my payments.

Every dime I saved over my lifetime went to buying my home, which will be taken away from me because I have no ability to hire a lawyer to try and protect anything I have.

Jobs in the area I live are very hard to come across. I am further handicapped in finding work because of the nature of my disability - manual labor leads to excruciating pain.

I am hard working and truly want to find a job so that I do not become a burden on my community.

I only ask for some help to keep me from losing everything. I don't think I could bear to live with myself if I cannot find away to stay above water.

Thank you for your consideration.

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