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Disabled Kelly Seeks Government Grant For Online Car Audio Business

by Kelly
(Lawton, OK, USA)

Live by faith...

Live by faith...

My name is Kelly Traughber. I started using drugs at a very young age and I spent my young adult life as a full-blown junkie.

Through the grace of God and a lot of work on my part I have been completely clean for a little over five years now. Although I have been clean for some time now I did permanent damage to my brain and body and am now on disability.

I have to take a lot of medicine to keep me on track and I take it faithfully at 5, 12 and 4 every day.

I was a carpenter for most of my life, but I can't do that any more because I'm not very good with numbers and my medicine tires me easily.

But I've had a good idea...

I want to open an online store for car audio. I also have access to a great location in the city to open a retail store to sell and install locally.

There is only one other business in town that does this and they're very expensive. I want to sell and install affordable car audio and video.

I have a background in alarm systems because it was one of my first jobs as a teenager.

I worked my whole life until my mind just couldn't handle it any more. I was 35. Now I'm 41 and clean and loving life but... I got into debt with personal loans and a credit card company.

I got behind on things like dentist bills. Then my only transportation broke down and I had to go to a high interest car lot because I had bad credit and that made my situation even worse.

I have a teenage son. I've had sole custody of since he was six months old. We have to live on my sole Disability income of $1157 a month. It takes every bit of that money and a trip to the food bank once a month to do it.

Now if only I had the money to straighten up my credit (about $3000) and about $15,000 to set up my business, I truly believe I could put the past behind me and work my way off of social security and back into a regular life.

I'm writing this with little hope...

I can't see why anyone would help an old ex-addict with nothing but an idea... but I see the government giving away millions to save wet land just to keep the duck population at hunting levels... so I guess you never know.

Well if you took the time to read all of this, I truly thank you.

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