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Disabled Man Needs Government Disability Grant To Help Wife Pay Home Repairs

by James Catellane
(Roscommon, Michigan, USA)

I'm disabled and have been out on disability and receiving SSI since 1992. Now I'm looking for government disability grants or any kind of financial assistance to help with housing repairs.

I have not contributed to home needs for a very long time. My wife has carried the load. She has worked for over 23 years and now collects a pension. She will be collecting Social Security in April 2010.

We have a very limited income. With our mortgage, and 2nd mortgage and other expenses, we only have $800 a month to live on.

Our furnace is giving us a problem and a service tech is coming tomorrow to check out what is wrong and what it will cost to repair the furnace. We will be spending money we don't have and will have no money left till the first of the month, when our money comes in.

Why do I claim I'm disabled? I have suffered from cancer since 1991, had full back surgery in 1997, and had complete knee surgery in 2001. I also suffer from degenerative disk and joint disease. I just had three nerve block injections to free up the pain I am in.

For me to do any work outdoors I have to wear a full back brace, and a knee brace to cut grass, pull weeds, water my lawn, paint my house and make any repairs to my home.

Doing a roof is not possible. And that is my need. I need a new roof on my home. The roofs they now put on houses in my area are metal roofs. That could cost over $10,000, and that's money we don't have.

Our goal is to use my wife's social security pay off our credit cards and 2nd mortgage, which is $29,000. If we pay $1,000 a month, it will take 29 months to pay it off that debt. We will be close to 66 years old.

Are there any government grants or financial aid I qualify for to fix my home to bring it up to code? Or is there any money to pay off our debt? If we don't do our repairs now they will get worse and then we'll be in trouble.

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Apr 24, 2010
House with best view of Higgin's Lake
by: Anonymous

You have one of the most beautiful homes within steps of Higgins Lake. We drive down a lot to the park and see you working.

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