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Disabled Man Seeks Business Grant Money For Ornamental Ironwork Shop

by Roland Lesher
(Austin, TX, USA)

My name is Roland Lesher. I am disabled due to an accident 11 years ago.

I have a spinal injury at C3-C4, which left me partially paraplegic. Even with the disability, I have accomplished a lot with therapy and will power

When I was told about the grants it gave me hope again. I am trying to have a better life and also feel like a human being again.

Since the accident I couldn't work anymore so I went into debt with all my credit cards, and also lost most of my belongings.

With a help of a friend I have found that I can do ornamental work with the right equipment and special installations to compensate for my disability.

What I want is to set up a shop to do small ornamental ironwork. The equipment I would need includes: welders, benders, cutters, and accessories.

Getting the equipment and fixing the place so I could do the work with very little help would cost over $35,000, which would be impossible for me to get.

That's why I am seeking help with a business grant or equivalent help so I can be productive again.

All my life I have put the best of myself, and have excelled in my work, and I know that I can do it again if I can get the help I need and provide my family a better life.

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