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Disabled Man Seeks Government Grant Money For Home Based Business

by Michael McFarlane
(Hillsboro, Oregon, USA)

Me and my mobility scooter

Me and my mobility scooter

My name is Michael McFarlane. I am a 62-year-old gay male looking for government grant money for a home based business.

I live with my partner. We have been together for over 22 years. Love at first sight, if you know what I mean.

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In 1993 (approximately) I was a live-in care provider for a young male quadriplegic. One morning while attempting to roll him in bed, my lower lumbar disc ruptured.

I was immediately paralyzed and had to be taken to bed by his mom and an off duty attendant.

I was subsequently taken to the hospital where I spent three days recovering. After that, I had to move out and went to work for a transit bus company.

During my stay with the bus company, there were days when my lower back was in excruciating pain.

In 1998 my partner and I moved to Hillsboro. We both took on numerous temp jobs. I started working for the railroad in 2001, transporting crewmembers from one point to another along the railroad or back to the station.

It did not last long as I had to constantly bring one of the company vans home, due to not having a car of my own.

After that I got a job washing dishes at a local restaurant. Three days into it my lower lumbar disc ruptured again.

I slowly made it home where I was bedridden for several days. It was then I went on disability and SSI, for I was unable to stand for any length of time or sit for long periods.

I am at present unable to hold down a job. My partner is my in-home care provider and has to do all of the household chores, including cooking.

My desire is to get off of disability and once again be self-sufficient and not a burden to society.

Through a lot of research and Internet searching for a home business I could run, I found the DREAMSPACE NETWORK.

For a ONE-TIME fee of $525, they will do all of the advertising for my line. It is one of those 1-800 numbers where the client/caller pays a fee.

The company does not require a monthly fee no matter how much or little the advertising brings in.

That is the uniqueness of it all. I am lousy at advertising, having tried numerous Internet businesses with no success.

I am currently an affiliate for two online companies, again having no success at any advertising.

This is why I need and want this DREAMLINE business, since THEY do ALL of the advertising for me.

I include my websites here only because I want all to know what I have tried. By the way, I also subscribe to Dishnet and also use the eCigarettes myself.

It has been so many years since I was able to actually buy new clothes. My partner and I also have to go to food banks every month, as our food stamps are good for only one trip to the store.

I know in my heart that this DREAMLINE business will work and give me (and my partner) a much better life and be able to pay off all of the bills and not worry if and when we can afford something.

I hope I explained myself and my situation clearly enough for all to understand. Thanks for reading and God Bless.

Mike McFarlane

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