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Disabled Man Seeks Grant Money For Home Based Business Computer

by Robert Richards
(Stanley, WI, USA)

Me at my old computer :(

Me at my old computer :(

My story is rather complicated, but I'll do my best to keep it short as possible. I am a 55-year-old man who lives alone in a one-bedroom apartment with two cats and a bird. They're about the only family I have.

My grandmother died in 1992, my dad in 1994 and my mom in 2003. I haven't seen my sister since her memorial service and I only see my brother about twice a year. I never see or hear from the rest of my relatives.

I have no car and can only get around town on my power chair, or I have to beg for a ride. All my income is from Social Security and SSI.

I had a traumatic birth and may have suffered some minor brain damage. Growing up I was always bullied throughout my school years. I was never able to go the prom and I have never had a date to this day. Girls then (and guys too) treated me like dirt.

While I was fairly good academically, being treated the way I was, especially in high school, I never was able to learn the social skills. So today I still have trouble sometimes understanding and getting along with people as I would like to.

I have tried real hard in many jobs, but they never lasted really long enough to get any skills. I tried getting work where I could use my artistic abilities, but these sorts of businesses like in movies and television, publishing, anywhere where I could use those talents, but no one ever even granted me an interview.

Consequently, I have never been able to find real work or any real friends. Now I have nothing. I have no money to go anywhere or do anything. Basically all I have is my cats and bird, and my TV, phone and computer.

Now my computer is over eight years old and is constantly affected by windows freezing and locking up. I have trouble closing or opening things. With so little money, I can't afford a new computer and I can't afford any more up keep on this one.

Since I have so little, I thought I'd try a way to get a home-based business going, but with such a computer system that is not really any good any more and is as slow as molasses in January.

I hear it is possible to get grants, but then I keep getting told no. I have heard that you can do anything you can put your mind too, but how can you when all you keep hearing is no?

I bet Bill Gates wouldn't be the richest man in the world, if people were always telling him no. Somebody had to say yes to him somewhere, somehow. I just want someone to say yes just once.

I want to escape having to rely entirely on my social security and SSI. I am tired just sitting around and doing nothing, and having people thinking I am lazy and good for nothing.

I just want to get a good computer that would let me get started on a home-based business and get by a little better and maybe get a vehicle so I can take myself places shopping, medical appointments and wherever else I need to go without always begging for a ride.

Since no one wants to give me a job and I have no transportation right now, I feel a home-based business is the way for me to go, and I want to be able to give something back too instead of always seeming to have beg. I hate it.

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Nov 24, 2010
Grant Money Search
by: John - NY

I am a grant writer for many years. Consider paying the minimal fee to register with the Foundation Center in NYC:


i think you might do OK - John NY

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