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Disabled Man Seeks Grant Rehab Help For Wheelchair Van And Service Dog

by Aaron Ahring Sr.
(Chester, Illinois, USA)

I am a 55-year-old disabled male and a beginner on the computer. I just want a chance to find help so I can help myself.

I'm married to my wife Bonnie and have three grandchildren. My wife has so many grandkids that I could never remember them all.

I have been disabled a long time but I have always tried to find a way back into the workplace.

I pastored at a church for a while on the ticket-to-work program. I was so close to making it when my wife found she had breast cancer and I got a septic blood infection.

The church asked me to step aside do to health issues. Now I'm living in Chester Illinois close to my grandkids. I would like to try something again but I need transportation.

The closest doctor is 40 miles away in Belleville Illinois. I have a van with a wheelchair ramp but the motor locks up. When I can get it running, it uses a lot of gas, about 10 miles a gallon.

I was born with spine deformities and one kidney. I have had several back surgeries that only made my back worse. A piece of bone was left behind after the first surgery and it lodged itself in the S1 nerve root.

Two years ago, I had a simple right knee surgery and afterward I got a septic infection. The infection has done some damage.

Both my shoulders need to be replaced and my legs hurt all the time. I guess I don't have very good luck with surgeries. It's painful to walk and hard to get myself around.

My financial difficulties never end. My wife needs to get her medicine or needs to go to the doctor one day and the next day it's me.

We have to find food pantries every month and the only way to get through the month is payday loans. It's like were in a trap every month we start by paying off the loan from the last month.

The only transportation we have is the van and it doesn’t run. When it does run I can't afford to drive it.

My wheelchair just sits in the van, unused. It's too heavy to lift. Yet, I believe that I can find something that I can do. There is a rehab office about forty miles away in Belleville. So getting there is my goal.

I have attempted to work by pastoring. I have not given up on that but it does seem like most churches are looking for a preacher that is healthy and can solve all their churchgoers' troubles by laying hands on them.

I also sold cleaning systems for a while. I even played a part in a play in Branson MO. I tried to find something online but keep getting scammed.

I need help in getting a wheelchair van that both my wife and I can use to get back and forth to the doctor and hopefully to rehab.

I was told that I would be perfect for a service dog, but after looking into it, it seems like the places I found want a hundred dollars just to apply.

Being stuck at home with a disability is hard. I will never beat this lying in this hospital bed. I just need a fighting chance and I'll do the rest. Thanks for any consideration.

Aaron L. Ahring Sr.

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