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Disabled Man Wants Government Grant Money To Help Others With Disabilities

by Mark S Anderson
(Geneva, FL, USA)

I had to have chemotherapy treatments for about 14 months. I thought everything would be alright until my teeth started crumbling out.

I am on disability and I receive $900 dollars a month. I would like to get off disability and either start a business or try to find a job.

But it's hard after losing six inches of my left femur due to a malpractice of a doctor that some way let a staph infection destroy my femur.

I have been trying for over a year to find a way to raise the money but it is going to cost over $6,000 to fix my teeth. It is a pretty hard to get a job anyway but with no teeth and having a leg six inches shorter than the other, I don't really blame people for not wanting to hire me.

If I could find someone or an organization that will help me now I want to start a business to help other disabled people to grow plants that are grown with worm castings.

We can start small and try to get bigger. This will be a way to thank you for the help I get. I pray every night and thank God for another day.

If I could do something like this I will be helping others in a way that will help others especially disabled people.

If someone or an organization could help me, I can return the favor to learn and be proud of themselves.

I know the feeling of depression and the pain of 16 operations and the thoughts some people have when everybody stares at you.

If I can get a helping hand I can give a hand. It is like paying it forward. Do a favor for a stranger and tell them to pay it forward. Thanks to anyone for caring.

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