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Disabled Man With Extended Family Seeks Housing Grant Money For Home Repairs

by James Falco
(Melrose Park, IL, USA)

I was born physically handicapped in a day and age when most parents institutionalized their handicapped children.

My parents chose to raise me themselves (No I'm not D.D. I was born with one arm.) and they did the best that they could.

Then six years ago mom passed away leaving me to care for my dad who was diagnosed with dementia. His condition worsened after her death and slowly progressed to full blown Alzheimer.

In 2007, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 lymphoma and wound up in intensive care at Elmhurst Hospital, nearly dying three different times in the first five weeks of 2008.

After eight months of being in and out of the hospital, coupled with massive doses of chemotherapy, I was finally lymphoma free.

In January of 2009, my dad passed away of natural causes and I inherited the home my mom and dad had bought. I also inherited all the repairs that needed to be done!

These have been overwhelming to me as I have had to pay someone else to do them and this has been very draining as I only make $864 a month on disability.

The village I live in has been after me to update the house. There have been complaints that it's an eyesore, I've also recently been informed that a complaint was filed that there is overcrowding in the home.

I can't understand the overcrowding thing, because it's a six-bedroom, three-bathroom house where only myself, my disabled vet ex-wife, my blind cousin and my two other cousins live in. My ex and I share the same room.

I do charge my cousins rent; however, this barely covers the heat, taxes and electric bills. Recently I had to replace the boiler as the old one was emitting too much carbon monxide.

My parents really let this house get into bad repair and it never seems to end. Since my dad's passing, all of my tools and all three lawn mowers have been stolen.

They even stole an old broken step ladder that my dad had fixed with a piece of wood. (Why anyone would want that is beyond me.)

I try to live one day at time and do the right thing; however, sometimes I find this impossible! Help is desperately needed and would be gratefully appreciated.

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