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Disabled Marine Veteran Seeks Grant Money To Relieve Disability Hardship

by Michael
(Gallipolis, Ohio, USA)

My name is Michael Holder. I am a 38-year-old Marine Corps Veteran who served honorably in wartime situations from 1992 to 1996 in the infantry as a scout sniper for second LAV.

I am married and have a 13-year-old son and a 17-year-old stepson. I'm currently on Social Security Disability through and I live in a small town in Ohio.

My disability is both mental and physical. I was diagnosed with PTSD, dysthymia and long-term depression.

Physically I have a bad right knee and lower back, as well as cervical problems, including bulging discs and degenerative disc disease equal to a 60 year old person.

My injuries are all infested with severe arthritis. My sacroiliac joint moves and bulges and it's the only joint in the human body that isn't supposed to move.

Nerves are constantly being pinched that run down my legs and create severe discomfort and pain. I was injured a lot in the Marines and could not reenlist.

When I got out I had to make a living but couldn't hold down jobs long due to pain and injuries.

In 2002 when I was working in a lumberyard, a pallet of shingles fell off a truck onto my whole body causing my injuries to worsen. I've never been able to work again.

After years of therapy and several surgeries I can walk again… kind of. I also have permanent ringing in my ears and several anxiety attacks.

My difficulties are limitless, ranging from mobility problems like household chores, getting dressed and financial problems.

I cannot pay for my prescriptions, or proper medical care like chiropractor, therapy.

I cannot pay my property taxes or feed my family properly. We are all malnourished.

We need emergency home repairs. An air conditioner would be nice, so would a stove.

I need a vehicle. The VA medical center will not help me and it's 100 miles away I have written them letters but nothing comes of it.

I owe the local hospital $20,000.

I have been scammed and swindled by every at-home computer job I could try. Nothing ever worked out.

I started college and got my associates degree but couldn't finish with my bachelors due to vehicle problems and physical problems.

I've been sent to the emergency room twice during class at Ohio Christian University.

I am an artist but cannot pay for a website to advertise or sell my stuff.

I make $600 a month from social security that doesn't pay my bills. I am in between a rock and a hard place to say the least.

I would do anything to have a few extra dollars every month. I served my country and I'm asking it to serve me back.

Money can cure any problem so grants or advice on how a disabled person in a small town can earn it without losing their disability.

I would like to start a small Internet business where I can sell art like: drawings, letterheads, company logos and wood burnings.

I need a website, computer a car and supplies. I estimate that $10,000 would be a good start.

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