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Disabled Marlon Seeks Government Disability Grant For Multiple Uses

by Marlon Lajune Jackson
(Philadelphia, Mississippi, USA)

Hello to all that read my plea for help. I do hope that all is well for you and yours.

May God bless you all in every way possible for your tremendous work in helping people who are disabled and homeless. Keep up the good work and in due time you all will be blessed in return.

I am Marlon La'june Jackson, age 35, From Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but now residing in Philadelphia, Mississippi.

I'm a disabled person on a fixed income rating at $529 monthly. I receive both SSI and Disability on the first and third each month. I moved here to Mississippi to marry wife Renina S. Jackson. We got married May 9, 2008.

We now live with her mother due to financial problems that are preventing us from living on our own. Both my and her income will not allow us to move or buy a home of our own to live in.

We also have a little 11-year-old daughter (my stepdaughter) we must take care of. When I receive my funds, $157 is taken out for child support for my biological daughter that lives in North Carolina with her mother.

With the cost of living, bills, cost for renting, or buying a home it is impossible for us to make it with the income that we are receiving. Also I am attending School to get my High School Diploma at Ashworth College, High School Program.

They take $40 per month out of my account when I receive my funds from Social Security. I tried to see if Financial Aid helps with paying for a disabled person's schooling, but they say that they only help pay for college courses.

My disability prevents me from working a full-time or part-time job, and it is hard for me to make it ahead in life because I do not receive enough money to do so. It is sad, but it is the truth.

I am the type of person that believes in helping those that is in need of my help, and I love people in general.

I now appear in proper person, in need of help for both me and my family for a Personal Grant, and I hope and pray that the Lord will lay it on someone's heart to help me, and my family, because we all are somewhat in a state of homelessness right now.

Right at this present time we all are living in my wife's mother's trailer, both me, my wife and 11-year-old stepdaughter are sharing a small room together.

This is not right, but we have no help, so we just say that we are blessed to just have her mother to take us in temporarily.

A government grant would help my family and me to:

1. Buy a home
2. Buy furniture and other needs for it
3. Pay some of our bills/debts
4. Pay for my education
5. Get transportation
6. Put my family and me at ease

If you all could be of help in any way to us, please do so. It would be of a blessing to us and very pleasing to God.

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