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Disabled Married Couple Seek Accessible Housing Government Grant Money

by Robert Montgomery
(Sidney, Nebraska, USA)

I am 42 years old, male and married to my 48-year-old wife. We love each other and depend on one another. The kids are grown and on their own.

Our family has grown apart from just the economy going bad. We can't call or talk to each other as much as we would like or go see each other.

We have two dogs that are just wonderful but that are outgrowing this place.

In October 2009 I stopped working due to severe back pain problems, seeing and Type 2 diabetes.

The back problems are getting worse and my vision is failing.

My wife has had lupus hypogammaglobulinemia for several years and all the complications that come with these.

Our doctor has told us that we will both be in wheelchairs eventually, and sooner than later.

Our apartment is not handicapped accessible so it will be hard for us to get around when we both end up in a wheelchair.

I made a lot more money when I was able to work. Now we live from month to month on only one check.

We take many medications between the two of us and our vehicle seems like it may or not make it from one place to the next. All we do is hope and pray it will make it.

I get SSDI but that doesn't seem to be quite enough to make it through the month.

We rely every month on churches to help out with food donations in the area. We get food stamps but it's not nearly enough for two people to eat on.

We are looking for government grant money to help us buy our first home and enough to make it wheelchair accessible.

Hopefully we'll get enough to get a fresh start on our credit building.

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