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Disabled Mom Seeks Government Grant Money For Medical Bills And Mortgage

by Melodee Munson
(Lodi, CA, USA)

Grandma Melodee

Grandma Melodee

I am 55 years old and I have been married for 22 years to a wonderful man.

We have 4 kids that are grown and gone except for our youngest son, who just graduated from high school.

We have one son in the Army, he and his wife and our 4-month-old grandson are stationed in Fayetteville, N.C. He just returned from Iraq. (Thank you Lord.)

We have one granddaughter that lives here in Lodi with our daughter and son-in-law.

I am plagued with rheumatoid arthritis and I also have degenerative disc disease. My left hand is crippled to the point I cannot use my left hand for much.

Degenerative disc disease is painful in that the discs have totally disintegrated and now my vertebrae rub together constantly in three separate locations in my spine.

I'm told that this is a hereditary disease; however I haven't been able to find anyone else in my family that has this painful disease other than my maternal aunt.

I am on Social Security Disability and I receive $1105 per month. This disease will eventually have me in bed unable to walk, but we plan to fight its effects every step of the way.

My medical bills have become overwhelming. Our mortgage payments haven't been made for three months. We actually do not know what to do.

My husband, Rick, is working but only part time. Please give us help.

We have been in our home here in Lodi for 13 years. We just recently (the past 18 months) have been unable to repay our debts in a timely fashion as we always did before.

My husband works part-time for a freight company and he is looking for a better job, but is having difficulties finding anything where he can be at home in the evenings with me.

We do own our pickup, so that's a relief, and our youngest son is buying a car to drive himself to college.

I require 6 prescriptions, dosed at different times of day. Some are expensive; some are reasonable.

I do have a power chair and have a hanging neck device over the bed which helps keep my vertebrae from rubbing too much.

I receive SSDI each month in the amount of $1105. As I said, my husband works part-time and usually brings home about $400 per week.

We live in a town where our electric bills run about $400 per month and we must have electricity to run our home.

Our mortgage payment is $1650 per month and it is getting harder and harder to make that payment. In fact, we are 3 months in arrears.

We are looking for a grant to help us get caught up at the bank on our mortgage and to pay the ever-increasing medical bills looming over our heads.

Right now we owe the hospital $8,000 and we owe our doctors office $560. Our mortgage is 3 months in default @ $1650 x 3.

As you can see, we are falling further and further into this horrible pit. We are asking for monetary blessings from somewhere.

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