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Disabled Mother Of Three Struggling With Unsupportive Husband

by Kimberly Calk/Dansereau
(North Las Vegas, NV, USA)

Well I've been through so much with my three miracles (my three boys). I just need a little help. I moved here from Massachusetts In 1998.

Since then I've really had a lot of trouble because I'm disabled and my credit Isn't really all that good.

So I moved back home and then I moved back to Vegas about two months ago. I got married 'cause I thought that this man would take care of us.

Now only being here two months, I have to move out because he can't pay the rent since he isn't working and I don't make enough to pay everything.

I need to move into an apartment and I need to clean up my credit. I want to take care of my boys that I've been struggling to do for the past 12 years by myself.

It's taken quite a toll on all of us. My children now are 20, 18, and 12. My 20-year-old moved out and then I just got custody of another boy who is 18 and I'm struggling real bad.

I don't want the boy I just got to be taken from me nor my other two children. My middle son who is 18 is disabled too.

I just want to get out of debt or at least be able to move into a place and I just don't have the funds.

I need to catch up and my children need new clothes and shoes. I'm trying to borrow money from friends and family and I'm losing my mind.

I'm so nervous. I just want my kids to be stable and comfortable. They are used to not having what they want but I would like to get them what they need.

I've pawned everything I have that's of value. My lights will be shut off soon and I need to get out of this house and into my own place.

My new husband obviously doesn't seem to be doing the job and I'm upset that he brought us out here to Vegas from Massachusetts under these conditions. Thank you. Mrs. Calk-Dansereau.

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Apr 11, 2010
This is so wrong!
by: Anonymous

This is totally wrong going to the Internet and bad-mouthing the man you married. Then when times get rough you leave him and get on the Internet and put him down.

Why? Because no one else will listen to you. This is very disturbing to me that you would put your problem on the Internet in this way.

You don't think his family and friends haven't seen this? What if he went and did this to you? Wouldn't you be embarrassed about it or upset?

Apr 11, 2010
Tell the Truth!

I have known you for many years. For as long as I have known you, you have treated my good friend your husband like he was the lowest form of life unless he was giving you something.

He is not working right now because of you. He had a good job and an apartment. You came into the picture and blew all that. He was fired because you moved into his apartment and swore there was bugs in it.

We attempted to fix this issue, only to find there was nothing wrong with that unit. It was the drugs you were doing. When you left you knew he did not have a job or a place to live because you stopped him from doing his job.

You always called him while he was trying to work with some outlandish thing that was wrong. (For those of you reading this if you are wondering how I know, I worked at the same place he did and was fired for covering for him.)

You knew he didn't have a job when you left. You also knew he didn't have a job when you agreed to come back and marry him. You don't have money to take of your kids because your drugs and gambling were more important then your children.

You knew he didn't have a job when you came back and married him. But as usual you want some to feel sorry for you and take care of you. The state gives you plenty of money for you and your kids and you blew it.

So stop tell these innocent people lies and playing them for fools. To everyone reading this story don't fall for her sob story she has done it to herself. If you think that I'm being mean and feel bad for her kids. I had her youngest for over a month she came to see him twice the whole time he was with me.

She is a user and a snake and wants the world to take care of her and kids while she blows the money she is given on drugs and anything else she could do to spend it on herself.

She only knows her kids when she is broke and can use them to make people feel bad. As for my good friend he has done nothing but bend over backwards and lose things for her. Including his pride as she would hit him when she did not get her way.

She was also the reason he had a heart attack. But see she will not tell you guys all this because then you wouldn't pay for her. Well she needs to pay for her own mistakes. She has always done this and she needs to pay not the rest of the world. I wouldn't give her anything and as for the kids, maybe they should be taken away. They would have a better life.

Nov 20, 2009
A lot of issues to comment on!!!
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry you are having these problems. A very wise woman once told me, "There are a lot worse things than being alone."

The majority of your children are out of child-support age. They need to get jobs to help you, especially if you are the boys' mom. The 12-year-old needs to focus on school. His father needs to pay child support as long as he is a student.

You did not say what your disability is.

My brother once told my mom on her second marriage, "You were both looking for someone to take care of you and you both got fooled!!"

See an attorney and file for divorce. Get rid of this no good for nothing!!! Shame on him!!! He was probably looking to milk your disability.

As for the 12-year-old's biological father, if he is alive or not incarcerated let the state find him. If he does not pay to support his child "lock him up" as he is of no use to you.

God bless call Habitat for Humanity for housing. Good luck.

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