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Disabled Navy Photographer Seeks Veteran Grant Help To Relocate To Georgia

by D. Scott Wade
(Felton, CA, USA)

I'm a 43-year-old Navy veteran. I served for almost 12 years. Now I'm looking for relocation assistance, such as grants for veterans.

I'm married with a wife and three children, two boys 16 and 14 and my little girl of 3 years.

I Joined the Navy in 1990 just in time for Desert Storm and several other operations. I got out of active duty in 2000.

After almost a year I wanted to rejoin but figured I'd join the reserves and serve out my last 10 years doing weekend work.

But shortly after I joined 9/11 happened and I was re-activated to duty and did another year and a half. My timing was not the best.

I have had several injuries most of which involved classified missions so I can't go into detail. I am currently listed as 80% service connected disabled.

But I have all of the symptoms of Gulf War Syndrome, as well as torn ACLs in both knees, a disk in my back is messed up and muscle pain and tendonitis in both Achilles tendons and feet.

The pain is something I just deal with. There isn't much that can be dome. I was told I'd be in a wheelchair by now so at this point I'm just happy I can still walk and get around.

My financial situation is strange. I have been working and making a good income for a long time. But things are taking a drastic change.

My employer is bouncing payroll checks and I'm losing faith in my company's ability to stay in business.

My problem is I can't get work in my job field. I just can't keep up with the others out there.

By January I'll be out of work and unable to be employed. I will lose my family's healthcare and everything I need to support my family.

There are very few I know that are in any position to help me. My family is having troubles, and I'm soon to be out of work. I get a disability pension but it won't pay my bills here in CA.

I'm working to get my pension upgraded to 100% but that takes time. I'm planning to move to Georgia were I can buy a home and live affordably.

I just need some help to get there. I have no savings and I just don't know what to do. Veterans grants or any other forms of assistance would help.

I have a photography company. I was a recon photographer for the Navy so I've turned that into a relaxing job to try and make some extra money.

I could do well at it if I wasn't working full time and didn't need to provide healthcare for my family.

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