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Disabled Navy Vet Seeks Grant For Veterans Or Any Help To Repair Bathroom

by Richard Ferrara
(Dingmans Ferry, PA, USA)

I am a retired 68-year old disabled Vietnam-Era Veteran married 35 years who served this country honorably while in the Navy.

I'm looking for a grant for veterans of any kind of help to repair a bathroom becoming moldy due to shoddy workmanship.

I have two grandchildren that I "inherited" (so to speak) from my daughter out of wedlock and who has a severe bipolar condition.

I am disabled with one lung, diabetes, hepatitis, five stents in my heart and cataracts in my eyes.

I lost my lung while in the Navy, (cause unknown). The hepatitis occurred while being hospitalized in a Naval Hospital.

I receive a small 30% disability for my lungs, but nothing for the hepatitis.

When I did work, I was able to have repairs done, but the workman who did the work installed the bathroom tile and sealant in a terribly shoddy manner, causing me to have to find someone else to correct the mess.

The second work-person destroyed the green board, by pounding on it to get the tiles to stick to the green board. In essence, the workman cracked the green board behind the tiles.

The faucets in the walk-in bathtub are now leaking behind the wall, and the grout is falling off causing the tile to become loose.

The area around the tiles is becoming black and moldy. I am now left with no funds to redo this mess for my two grandchildren.

As a disabled retiree, collecting social security along with a small VA Disability from the military, I have no money for repair jobs.

In addition, I can't really generate any income by working, because I live in a rural area where there are practically no jobs.

In any case, my many VA hospital appointments make it next to impossible for me to hold any halfway decent job.

My wife is also retired. She sustained two serious spinal injuries last year from a fall, which now prevents her from lifting or sitting for any lengthy period of time without suffering excruciating pain.

She is petrified to have the back surgery done, even though it's not a realistic option because we don't have the money. She is not old enough to be on Medicare at the present time.

In essence, I am seeking any assistance to redo my walk-in bathroom for my two grandchildren. I am looking for a grant for veterans or perhaps a personal donation from anyone who would desire to help me.

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