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Disabled Navy Veteran Looking For A Government Disability Grant

by Bruce Wright, USN, RET
(Virginia Beach, VA, USA)

I'm a 51-year-old disabled Navy veteran looking for a government disability grant or any assistance to get me back into fighting form.

I retired from the Navy February 28, 2009, and now I'm doing battle with SS and the VA. I was awarded 30 from the VA and am appealing that.

I have cervical spine degenerative disc disease. I've had two fusions and I haave a multitude of disc problems all the way down my spine.

Also I have left shoulder impingement and thoracic spine spondylosis. Right now I am under the care of a neurosurgeon awaiting an MRI.

I am sure they will find more spinal problems. I have filed for SS disability and will have to wait six months before a I find out about my claim. I've maxed out my credit card and cannot pay my bills.

I found out today my VA appeal could take years. What the hell am I supposed to do until then? I will lose my home and everything I've worked for all my life.

I served this country for 20 years and am a war vet and now I feel as if I have been pushed to the side by everyone.

This is just not right. I have never had to ask for this kind of help and frankly it is very embarrassing.

Please help me find a way to win the battle with SS and the VA with a government disability grant or anything that would get me back my independence.

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Sep 09, 2009
Retired Navy Benefits Help
by: Paul Galik

The people who have helped everyone and served seem to get pushed aside. I don't know when you filed but contact your Representative in Washington. That's what I had to do to get my little SSI check. Anything you need is right at your hands. Word it right and go to the site.

Hope I've helped you with your benefits and that you'll be able to receive them at a faster pace. My brother retired from the Navy. I'll ask him for suggestions as well as his friends that have retired from there as well.

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