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Disabled Paraplegic Man Seeks Grant For Transportation Needs

by Christopher Shaw
(Macon, Georgia, USA)

Hello. My name is Christopher Shaw. I am 37 years of age. I am a single male and I'm looking for a government grant to help me with my transportation needs.

I am a paraplegic, resulting from a T7 injury. I had back surgery in February, 1993, due to scoliosis, diagnosed a year earlier when I went to the emergency, for flu-like symptoms.

I was told that night that I had scoliosis, and that it was severe. I went to another doctor and got a second opinion, and he agreed.

The doctor told me that I would need the surgery or I probably wouldn't live past five years. Well making a long story short, I decided to go ahead with the surgery.

The doctor told me the risk was very low, 5% chance that anything would go wrong. I ended up having two different surgeries, and being paralyzed from the chest down.

I tried to get a malpractice suit, but the case never went ahead, even though I tried two different lawyers.

I was in the hospital until June of 1993. After hard work in therapy, I was finally released to go home. A couple of years went by and I went to school, for ITT, and completed all of my courses.

I then worked a few temp jobs. In 2000 I got hired by SunTrust Securities, full time. In 2004 I got laid off, and I temped for about seven months with GE Consumer finance.

After I got laid off, I ended up losing my apartment and my vehicle, because I ran out of income. It took me three years, before I was finally approved for disability again, and at that time they told me if I go back to work and get laid off again, that I would not ever receive disability again.

I have been struggling now for a few years to make ends meet. I was able to get another vehicle that I had for three years, but five months ago, that car caught fire, and I had to jump out to safety.

Since then it's been hard getting around, to get to doctors appointments, picking up medications, getting to the store for grocery's etc.

As far as my finances go, I get a monthly disabled check, which after paying bills and medical supplies, leaves me broke.

I'm also paying $200 month out of my check. This is because, disability says that I didn't report that I was working, but I did report it, but there's nothing I was able to do about it.

I get my check on the third of the month and I'm broke by the 7th of the month. Which is nerve-racking to say the least.

The type of grant that I'm looking for is a transportation grant, if there is any, so that I will be able to get around and get to places that I need to get to to handle my needs.

Anything would be helpful, right now. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can direct me to. Christopher Shaw.

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