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Disabled Public Servant Seeks Debt Relief For Medically Caused Expenses

by Joseph Halbrooks
(Tyler, Texas, USA)

Trying to Stay in Shape

Trying to Stay in Shape

In my career protecting the citizens of Texas from the worst of the worst criminals my body has been damaged and ravaged by time and wounds.

In my career I have had my neck crushed and back broken in three places while stopping a riot all alone. I have been stabbed and shot several times, slashed even more.

I've been burned with fire, electricity, and steam. I've had to go into areas with deadly chemicals in the air to rescue others.

I've worked in dayrooms with cigarette smoke so thick you could cut it with a knife, so now even though I do not smoke I have a serious case of COPD.I have even been struck by lightening three times.

The results are over 40 spinal surgeries, a complete reconstruction of my right shoulder, two reconstructions of my right knee, and a rebuild of my left shoulder all of which leave me in constant pain.

My lungs, which should be healthy and strong, are barely working with at least 50% being mush.

I have to take medications to stop the flashbacks from post traumatic stress disorder. And I just had my first heart surgery at the age of 45.

My needs are simple. It's basically debt relief. I need enough money to pay past due medical debts (even with Medicare there are deductibles). And I need help paying for the psychiatric, lung, heart, and pain meds.

I need to be able to pay my utilities so I am not exposed to the cold in this unusual winter would be very nice.

Also my old truck needs some repairs so it is reliable to transport me to the doctors offices and hospitals as needed.

I am supposed to have lifetime medical coverage under state law for work related injuries and illnesses but after three years the state office of risk management stopped paying.

When I contacted them I was told sue us we are not paying any more. They know raising two daughters I could not afford that so I am left to hang.

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