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Disabled Seabees Veteran Desperately Seeks Housing Grant Money

by B
(Washington County, Virginia, USA)

I am a Desert Storm and Bosnia Disabled Veteran. I was disabled from the Military. I am and will always be a Seabees, which is a special branch of the Navy.

I am in my late 40s. I have never been married nor have had any children. I have Persian cats, a dog and chickens.

I live on a small farm. I plant an organic garden every year. I also love flowers so I have a flower garden as well.

All my disabilities happened while serving on active duty and they are:

Lower extremities disability
Non-union stress fractures both left and right tibia
Broken fibulas
Blown out knees
Triangular stress fracture in right foot
Low to no arches in both feet
PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
Chronic depression
Borderline personality disorder
Neck and back trauma
Traumatic Arthritis in all body joints

I was a great soldier and wanted to make my career in the military. I was going up for Warrant Officer and wanted that real bad.

The Military Medical Review Board told me that my conditions were only going to get worse.

They thanked me for my service in the United States Military, granted me a small severance check, my medals and a DD214 (Honorable Discharged and Disabled).

I am in pain all the time and have a sleep disorder as well. I will never be the same again but I will never give up.

I just have to do and live differently and to the best of my ability. There is always hope even though my physical and mental conditions are deteriorating more each and every day.

I live in a 1968 mobile home, which has been destroyed by termites. The seal is gone, the walls are folding in, the floors are sagging and the roof leaks.

I am not mentally or physically able to reconstruct any of the area in which I live. I have tried over the years but had to abandon it. I have lost this battle, but not the War.

My credit is bad due to helping others that did not pay back, or honor their word after I unknowingly cosigned on some loans I couldn't even read much less understand while in a hospital and mentally sick.

Financially I am down and out. That is why I am crying out for help now. I would love and appreciate very much to have a real home to live in.

It would be a home that doesn't have the floors falling out of it or the plumbing busting every winter or the cold nipping its way through to my bones and aggravating my joint pain.

Ideally it would be in an area warmer than where I am now.

I would love to have the money to buy a nice one-level open floor plan brick home with low to no maintenance and on 10-20 acres of land. (I have a problem being around other people and noises.)

I would love to unpack my boxes and see what I have acquired all these years and have a table to sit and have my meals on and a kitchen where I can cook and move around in without tripping over myself.

I would love to have closets to hang my clothes in, a bedroom without black mold and a ramp or no to very low stairs to come and go out of my home.

I would love to have a real bathroom with a nice Jacuzzi tub separate from the shower.

Heck, I would just like to have a place to shower or soak due to my pain and have enough water to do it with before it turns cold after the rust runs through it.

This is a dream of mine and I do hope and pray someone will make my dream come true.

I am a 100 percent totally and permanently disabled veteran so I get a military disability check, which they divide between the Veteran's pay and Social Security. So it's like two checks from one source.

I cannot work or further my education due to mental and physical conditions. The Church has enough people it is handling and can only help so many.

I am hoping and praying for a grant or a large donation to buy me a home with.

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