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Disabled Single Dad Seeks Grant Money To Care For Extended Family

by David Buttler
(Glendale, Arizona, USA)

My name is David. I'm 53. I've been a single parent of three kids since 1985.

In 2003 my daughter was shot in the head. My son saved her, but he became seriously mentally ill.

I've been taking care of them ever since two weeks ago when my oldest daughter had a stroke.

I filed for custody of my granddaughter and will be raising her as well. My daughter passed away on October 13, 2013.

I'm also the caregiver for my 80-year-old mom.

Disability Issues

In 2003 I received news that I had vascular disease. I had several types of surgeries through the years.

I tried working but in 2012 I couldn't take the pain any more.

I worked for the state of Arizona for 13 years and had all the benefits. I went on short-term Disability and I'm now on long term Disability.

I hired an attorney and applied for SSI. I am in the middle of that right now.

I am planning funeral arrangements for my daughter. I actually find this therapeutic as I tetter on the edge of a mental breakdown.

Financial Hardship

Right now I'm receiving $1200 a month from long-term Disability. I owe around $50,000 in medical bills and $15,000 in car payments.

I don't receive child support for my granddaughter. Her dad has not seen her in two years.

We all live in a three-bedroom, one-bath condo. Several times we had to go outside to use the restroom.

My mom and granddaughter share a room. My son and daughter also share a room. It is so crowded that we drive each other crazy.

I had to go in debt for a bigger car to meet our transportation needs.

My mom is on oxygen constantly.

Income Efforts

I have attempted to apply for SSI medical insurance. One year ago I hired an attorney but things are taking so long that merely surviving has become an issue.

I'm a member of a Baptist church. The only help I asked for was help with the funeral.

The only thing keeping me sane is that I'm needed so much. I'm in over my head and I know it. I've never had time for friends and not much contact with family.

Specific Needs

What I seek is a college education for my granddaughter. I would also like to receive any or all benefits.

Business Idea

I would like to open a gourmet restaurant serving beef, turkey and vegetarian burgers. I would have a large section for people who have special needs. I also would like to offer catering and elegant dining.

Then I could leave this business to my kids when I die. I would staff my restaurant with people having special needs so they can get their independence back and get off of SSI.

This is a new and fresh idea that would work.

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May 18, 2015
Follow Up
by: SheilaKay Paris

Hi David,

So many of the comments were posted as 'anonymous' that I got a bit confused, plus the one that sounded so derogatory was a bit disturbing, but I'm not here to judge you or worry if your story is true or not. I take it at face value and want to help if I possibly can.

Have you had a chance to check into Don's Workbook? There's a wealth of information there that at least some of it can help. Resources galore!

Also, he endorses a business associate of his, Brian Therrien, who also has a passion for the disabled. His website is:

Disability Digest

and it is free also. One of the comments I noticed was 'got disability!' so I hope that was written by you. I'm sure there are other aspects of your situation that can use some other resources and you can find them in the workbook or the link above.

Just go to the bottom of the link and join. It's free also and worth your time. I promise something in there will help you.

Please let us know how you are doing.

Best regards,


Nov 20, 2013
Child Support
by: Anonymous

Why are you still "raising your kids" when they are in their 30s?

Nov 15, 2013
Is this story true?
by: Anonymous

[Editor's note.] The following comment, toned down, casts doubt on the original story. David, or anyone else, if you have anything to say, please speak up, and not anonymously.

"You have a new car, a new Harley, your oldest daughter died from a meth overdose, your other daughter shot herself with a gun she got from you, and your son has ALWAYS been disturbed. You collect checks for yourself, your daughter and your son. You pay no rent and get food stamps. When you went out on disability, you were on administrative leave for inappropriate treatment of a client."

Nov 06, 2013
One Step
by: Anonymous

Got Disability! Thanks!

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