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Disabled Single Dad Seeks Grant Money To Help Self And Disadvantaged Others

by Mark
(Knoxville, TN, USA)

I am a 52-year-old divorced male. I spent my life raising my daughter alone and running a successful small business as a mechanic.

I became physically disabled after being injured many times, but kept working as best I could.

A few years ago I witnessed my brother being decapitated in an accident, and my emotional health suffered greatly.

As my physical abilities declined as well, I began to experience tremendous anxiety and depression.

I resisted applying for SSI until 2 years ago. I was granted a small amount of SSI and medical care and continue to try to work small jobs as I can, but I am living under the poverty level.

I am blessed enough to own my house, but it has fallen into such disrepair that it is becoming dangerous to live in. I've tried my best to manage repairs and improvements but can't do them myself or afford help.

If I could remodel and repair my home to better accommodate my disabilities and safety needs it would do a great deal towards improving my health

And if I had the security of knowing my home was in good repair, it is zoned so that I could begin a small business from home.

My dream is to buy, repair and sell safe used autos for low-income people who need affordable, reliable transportation.

Many people could work, but are unable to because they can't afford a working vehicle for it.

I would also like to offer low-cost repair services for disadvantaged people like perhaps single mothers, who may not know how to maintain a car.

I would be grateful for any information or assistance on finding and applying for any aid or grants that might help me correct my housing problems for myself.

With the housing situation fixed, I'd be able to do something within my capabilities to assist others in need by developing and pursuing my small business dream.

I am still quite capable of being an active member of my community and have a great desire to help others, but need a helping hand myself to get to that place.

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