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Disabled Single Mom Needs Help Getting Government Disability Grant

by Tanya Moran
(Albany, NY, USA)

I live in a rented flat that is going up for sale soon. I have no monies to get my family to another place to live. I don't have the energy or time to figure what steps to take.

I have so many issues happening I can't see a light. My daughter is severely handicapped. The place we live in is unfit for her to be able to live a safe life.

We got no bars to stop the slipping in the tub. The bathroom sink and toilet are always shut off because of leaking water. The house is so small for all of us. I cram four girls in it.

I am a disabled mom that lives on SSI payments. I spend most of my money on food. I can't afford the electric bill and the doctor tells the electric company my child is on life support and it can't happen.

I stay up until I can't take the thought of not knowing how to get out of this mess. I literally can't see any way out. I got a couple of girls on disability from lead poisoning.

I suffer from panic disorder and depression. I got bad legs and to lift a wheelchair up and down stairs each day has taken a toll on me.

I got no way of getting my daughter to the hemato-oncology appointments each week to keep her alive. She can't use her limbs so I have to carry her around everywhere I go.

She has an acid reflux disease and her throat has been eroding from years of acids coming back up. I've got no funds or help to get us a permanent home to make life more comfortable and safe.

I am a single parent that has not received any child support from the mentally ill father that has left the state after abusing me for so many years.

I want to have some security and stability for once in our lives. I need help in getting a government disability grant or other financial assistance.

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