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Disabled Single Mom Seeks Government Grants To Fund Accounting Business

by Lynn
(Wichita, KS, USA)

I am a single mother of two children: Isaiah, 22, and Essie, 20. I have raised my children as a single parent for 22 years.

I am currently 43 years old and single. I had worked in the accounting and bookkeeping field for over 30 years before going on disability.

I have my associate's and bachelor's degree in accounting. I'm currently working towards my master's degree in accounting/business.

While I was working at my last employment, I began getting sick and had pain all over my body that I had no control over.

I finally found out that I had nerve damage and acid reflux disease. I also was diagnosed with hypertension, diabetes, hearing loss and the HIV virus.

During the time I found out I had the virus I went into depression and suffered a minor stroke which causes me to continue to have muscle spasms.

With these health conditions, I am not able to sit a long period of time and I am on 15 different medications including pain medications. I am currently seeing a doctor weekly to help me deal with my pains.

Since I have been receiving Social Security for my disabilities, I do not have enough income coming in each month to cover all my bills.

My social security check barely covers my rent, utilities, insurance, medication and other household monthly items including the right foods I need for my health.

I have a hard time trying to keep up on the maintenance on my car, including gas to get me to my doctor appointments and pick up my medications each month.

I need more leg braces to help support me walking but I have to pay out of pocket and I'm not able to at this present time.

With my limited income and trying to cover my bills each month, I have asked different organizations and churches for support and feel I have received enough help from them. I am grateful for their help.

I even asked my family and friends for help, but they're having financial troubles themselves.

So that I would not go back into deep depression and cause another stroke, I decided to put my skills and knowledge into practice.

I opened my own home business completing individual and corporate income taxes in my community and offer Public Notary service as well.

I also have church members who were nice enough to bless me with donations out of their own pockets periodically to help support me.

This past income tax season was the first year I was able to offer bank products to my clients.

My previous clients were satisfied with the bank products and helped me gain new clients who are looking forward to my service for the next tax season.

For this reason, I need help to fund my new tax program for 2012 and take the required tax courses and renew my license with IRS.

I need office supplies, new file cabinets with locks to store confidential information, a new computer system and a printer with copier and fax service.

I am also looking to build up my working capital.

I would like to stick with the same Tax Works tax program I used for 2011 because the system stores my previous information and my clients' information for 2011.

The Tax Works program costs $1000 to renew for 2012. The company also offers courses and will keep me updated on tax laws for the coming year.

I also need funding to pay for the tax courses I need to take as required by the IRS.

I am looking for funding to purchase more business cards and flyers to help me advertise my business and services.

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