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Disabled Single Mom To Fix Leaky Roof With Government Grant Money

by Susan Cobb
(Braidwood, Illinois, USA)

I am a single mother of two boys eight and twelve. We live here with a disabled brother 51 whom I also care for and another brother 54 with a heart condition.

The house in which we are living is our ONLY place to be together helping each other. It is unsafe because the roof is leaking and caving in.

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We are desperate for just enough funds to supply the materials we need to fix the roof. We already have several willing friends and church members to help do the work out of the kindness of their hearts.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter. Time is essential with the situation over our very unsafe roof.

Disability Issues

My disabled brother 51 is partially paralyzed and needs help getting into the tub, and bathing. He falls a lot. There's no ramp to get him in and out of house.

He needs laundry and cooking and cleaning. These are all things done between myself and other brother who also has a heart condition.

I also have two small children to care for, all the while having partial disabilities myself.

Financial Hardship

I am on state income of $447 a month and it is about to run out. My disabled brother pays most bills with his SSI about $900 a month.

I supply most of the food with my stamps.

I do ALL the cooking and cleaning.

I supply most ALL needs for my two children without any support from their two deadbeat fathers I'm trying to legally get help from.

I do all I can for my disabled brother. My brother with a heart condition and I are both struggling to find any employment.

I have no vehicle to get around so I push my disabled brother to the bank, shopping, etc.

I walk most everywhere and hope for whatever rides from whomever I can come by.

I love and do all I can for my children and brothers. I just hope to get the basic help we need to make this home safe for all of us to continue living in.

Income Efforts

I receive $447 a month and it is about to run out.

My disabled brother receives about $900 a month that pretty much pays just the bills.

I work any and all side jobs I can for cash to provide for my sons and myself.

I've been fighting to receive child support from two dads for the past 12 years and I'm still waiting for that to be legally done.

When I have any extra time, I do cleaning and work for my church. I am willing to work but I'm also limited to how much I can do and for how long.

Specific Needs

We need money or the materials to fix our roof mainly. We could also use some help fixing the unsanitary plumbing under the house.

I could also really use a real cheap vehicle in helping me drive my two children and disabled brother to the basic places we need to go.

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