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Disabled Single Mother And Grandmother Seeks Debt Relief Grant Money

by Debra Peavey-Haws
(Hutsonville, Illinois, USA)

My name is Debra Peavey-Haws. I'm 51 years old and looking for grant money or any help for debt relief.

I am always looking over my shoulder because of a biker gang that is here in southern Illinois. They're called the Sons of Silence.

I ran with them for three years and now they say that I talked to the police of their affairs in their clubhouse.

Their girlfriends or wives would drive around the block where I live and yell things at me. My 15-year-old grandson is living with me.

I was in Olney, Illinois Richland Mental Ward four times in 2007 because of the gang. I tried to commit suicide four times in 2007 and once in 2009.

That was because of my neighbor putting an Order of Protection against me so I couldn't step on my own property. It's right next to his. The sad part is that he is my brother.

He had me arrested for Violation of Protection because my ex-husband went over there and my mother who was living in my home rent free for 2 years opened the door and allowed my ex-husband in.

My brother called the police and I was arrested at my apartment and held in jail for two days without my meds and not allowed to talk to my counselor.

My counselor Annie at Robinson Arbor North saw my arm where the police had strapped me in a chair and the straps were breaking the skin on my arms.

I had just got out of the Pavilion Adult Ward May 19th, 2010. I was there since May 10, 2010 for a breakdown because of the gang here.

My counselor and psychiatrist, Dr. Kostrik, agrees that I need to relocate. I can't though because I'm on SSI and SSA and most of my money is tied up at the bank with loans.

I need help so I can relocate but still get help from my counselor and doctor, wherever I go.

I also have cancer and am getting sicker everyday.

Please I beg you to help my grandson and me to relocate so I can give him and myself peace of mind and be able to raise him for the next three years without looking over my shoulder.

I don't want to be a millionaire; $20,000 would help pay off loans and give us a new start. Please consider my plea.

I can give you the phone number of my counselor. She knows what I've been through. I thank you sincerely.

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Aug 31, 2015
Use the Workbook
by: Don from Ability Mission


The Workbook will show you how to get the help you need whether it's disability grants, single mother grants or any kind of benefit at all.

Don Coggan

Jan 24, 2011
Us too
by: Anonymous

We survived an IL biker gang too. Comment here if you want to talk.

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