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Disabled Single Mother Caring For Family Seeks Grant For Debt Relief.

by CR Royston
(Salisbury, NC, USA)

It seems that I have always been taking care of someone my whole life. I had a grandmother that had a stroke in 1972 that lived with me. I was only 11.

I felt so helpless, and I started to drift away from my studies and as the years passed I did manage to graduate from Grammar school, and went on to High School, but stopped and wound up getting tutoring to get my Diploma because of the shear devastation.

After my Grandmother died my Mother collapsed from those seven long years of care. She sacrificed her life too. I did attend a community college.

While I took care of my grandmother from 1972-1979 I washed her, fed her, and toileted her. It allowed my mom to shop go out and I stood guard.

My grandmother was paralyzed. That went on for seven years. I not only lost myself, but lost my parents as well.

My dad Lost many jobs, because of the chaos. It was a 24/7 labor of love and a nursing home was out of the question. My mother could no longer be there for me, to see an event in my life.

Now I am caring for my parents. I did get married only briefly had a special needs son that can't leave the house and he has fallen victim to repeating my life, but he can't help at all; he just isolates himself in his room.

He's bipolar/psychotic. He was on SSI many years ago, and is trying to reapply. Anyway I have really tried to hold it together.

I had cancer back in 1992 was told it was invasive, but it was not. I suffered unnecessary radical surgery.

I'm caring for four disabled people including myself. I could elaborate but I would need 20 pages. I have autoimmune disease now, Thyroid, cholesterol issues.

My poor mom that cared for her mother is legally blind from macular degeneration, and has severe spinal stenosis, peripheral artery Disease, and COPD.

My Dad has terminal prostate cancer, just got a cardiac pacemaker, and has had a few severe vein hemorrhages.

Bottom line, I have exhausted all my resources taking care of others, and have lost my life, and being. I have tried in earnest to seek employment and even have some licenses to see if I could work at home and care for them.

I am shortly (WEEKS) going to lose everything: my home, (mortgage payment 40 days late) and my sanity, which I am clinging to by a thread.

I have tried to sell items and get loans. A few were granted but no more. Now it's hopeless. I can't allow my parents and myself to wind up in the streets after I have sacrificed my entire life and being just to keep everyone going.

I have 70K of equity in my home, and I have a commission only job, the only thing I could get, and my 2nd part-time job starts this week.

I need a miracle. I know this is probably not a unique story and you may have heard a similar one, but with as many people as I have encountered I am always told that how do you cope with it all.

I am crying out to you for help. Maybe a grant (to save my home, pay my credit card off) lead me to instant resources, agencies for funding.

I don't know where else to turn. I know my wings are waiting, and God does see all, while I have been on this earth it has been hell and I am getting sicker, by the day and can't hold it together much longer.

I am desperate. Please tell me there is a glimmer of hope. Jobs are scarce, now in lieu of losing it all, employers unrealistically expecting good to great credit, I am sure that's why I can't get a salaried job, even menial.

I have a good resume. I had worked in the past. I'm feeling hopeless and helpless, but not useless, because I know in my heart that I had greatly extended the lives of my family.

Help me to not lose it all.

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May 10, 2010
Late in the midnight hour Gods gonna turn it around
by: Anonymous

Hey! I'm just a nobody trying to tell everybody about somebody who can save (first and far more important) anybody. God is not complicated. Just ask for the things in his will not our will. He has heard all of your prayers. Now it's time for you to plant both of your feet and wait on him. Get rid of all the negative energy around you (the unbelievers). Stand still in the storm, praise God in it and watch your breakthrough come. I dare you to just ask Jesus our Lord and Savior to pray for your situation everyday for one week. Trust me; nobody can pray for you like Jesus can. He did it for Peter and he'll do it for you. Your situation is already fixed. It's up to you to receive it. Excuse me but I'm talking to you and myself now. We've got to stop looking for a sign and just look to his word. He said it, we believe it, and it's already done. God bless.

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