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Disabled Single Mother Of Three Seeks School Grant Money To Rebuild Life

by Kara Sue Burns
(Inver Grove Heights, MN, USA)

Ready for a New Life

Ready for a New Life

I was born in the middle of the worst snowstorms of 1975. My mother drove, tormented by labor pains and hideous weather, to the hospital.

Young, healthy, and strong willed, my mother made it safely to Methodist hospital in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

I am her first-born child and a birthday gift to my grandmother. The circumstances surrounding my birth set the path for the rest of my life to this date.

My mother and father divorced when I was three years old. I stayed with my mother. Visits with my father were rare, but for the most part, filled with adventures.

I believe they both did the best they could. My early childhood had some wonderful, happy, and warm moments with each parent.

Unfortunately, like far too many children, there were dark, frightening, and traumatic events. Most of which, I do recall like it was yesterday.

Somehow, I was able to find a strong sense of self and survive.

I was a fair student. My eighth grade English teacher, Ms. Wedge, even sent me to a special writing summer program. Creative Writing class was a blast. Learning creative writing skills, with a handful of others, was my crowning achievement.

English was always a strong point for me. Spelling bees and AP English classes in high school are proof of that. I feel there is something very powerful in the written word.

The ability to write a poem, or even a novel, that invokes change is a gift. I lost my way towards the end of my high school years. A semi truck on highway 52 in Inver Grove Heights dramatically changed my life on October 15th 1993.

Waking up with "half knowledge" in a hospital bed at Regions hospital is still locked in my memory. It was like someone had just pressed the restart button on my life.

Walking, talking, and even the most basics of function were difficult for me. I am a quick study though. Within the next six months I was back to work, but I could no longer waitress the way I did before the car wreck.

I had to find something else. Ironically, it was delivering auto parts. Still quite blind to life, over the next 10 years, I had to re-learn and yes, re-live most life's lessons.

I was 18 when my car took a left into that semi. I am 34 years old now.

I was born in the midst of a terrible snowstorm. I feel my whole life has been one of pure survival. Today I am a single mother to three children, a disabled adult, and a recovering addict.

I am intelligent, strong, and creative. It took me a long time to figure out what course to take. Many factors needed to be considered.

I want to make a difference for people. I want to utilize my strengths. I am good with people and have an exceptional eye for detail.

My long-term goal is to become a forensic psychologist. I don't want to just survive the storm anymore.

My name is Kara Sue Burns and I want to be a Phoenix. I need financial help to get back into my school and improve my life.

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