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Disabled Single Mother Seeks Grant Money For Self And Two Disabled Children

by Fouzia Mir
(Westmead, New South Wales, Australia)

My name is Fouzia Mir. I have two disabled children, Walee and Bheshta.

Myself, I have a night vision problem and suffer from obesity, arthritis, and high blood pressure periods and depression.

My son, Walee at the age of 22 suffers from Dystonia; he is not able to walk or talk.

From the age of 10, doctors clarified that he was suffering a speech problem when he was in the children's hospital in Westmead.

The doctors then after said he was suffering from Cerebral Palsy. He was then supplied with high medication making him fall asleep all the time.

After a year they yet said he wasn't suffering from this still and performed lump a puncture. From that time he suffers from not walking not talking and breathing problems till today.

I complained to the health commissioner but got no help or response.

They arranged an interview with the doctor that performed the operation on Walee to discuss why Walee is the way he is now.

But I was unable to ask questions about my son's situation. Only the health commissioners gave the questions and took the information from the answers given.

There were no medical officers asking the full questions of the procedures taken in Walee's operation. The answers that were given were not from a qualified specialist.

On the 10th of May 2007 he underwent a deep brain stimulation operation with also the installment of a pacemaker. This year January 2009 he also had surgery to replace the pacemaker's battery.

I have attached a copy of my letter I sent to The Health Care Complaints Commission but still no response or any help for such a long time.

My daughter Bhesta suffers from obesity, intellectual disability, and a heart problem. She recently finished year 12, and cannot read and write at the age of 19. The school did not provide her with reading and writing at all.

I live in a unit that's too small for my family and is hard for my disabled son to access and the rent is too high for us to pay.

The bathroom is small, and because of his disability it is hard to support him. I applied for help but still no response.

Now this unit is for sale in the market. My son needs a wheelchair accessible house.

How I can get help for my two children to have own house with wheelchair access and custom toilet facilities, for my son as he is living in danger?

Please respond to me as soon as you can I want to feel free from all this stress and high depression. Thank you. Fouzia Mir.

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