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Disabled Single Mother Seeks Grant Money While Waiting For Social Security

by Patricia
(Callahan, FL, USA)

Hello! Patricia here. I am a single mother. I've worked all my life to support my daughter and pay my bills like every other citizen.

Then in January 2011 everything changed. I was working and my hands started to hurt severely, so I went to the doctor, only for him to put me out on disability.

So for the past 8 months I have been seeing several doctors, having all kinds of test run, only to find out they do not know what is wrong with me and have only been guessing.

Well now 8 months later my job dismissed me and canceled my insurance. I had applied for Social Security but that takes time.

So now in my life I have no income and am seeking help. I want to find out what illness I have and hopefully get proper treatment and get my life back.

My disability affects my hands and feet, so much that I can hardly do anything by myself. I have severe pain daily in my wrist and fingers.

Sometimes I am unable to walk because of the pain in my feet. Several doctors have told me that I may have severe rheumatoid arthritis, or lupus or Lyme disease. Also I have connective tissue disease.

I have exhausted my short-term disability and have lost my job and insurance. I have applied to Social Security for help, for I am unable to work because of the pain and discomfort in my hands and feet.

I am looking for a grant that could possibly help me financially, until I get an answer from Social Security.

I have to pay a mortgage, utilities, medications and doctor visits so I can finally find out what disease I have and get treated.

My back is against the wall and I do not know where else to turn for help! Any kind of assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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