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Disabled Single Mother With Autistic Son Seeks Government Housing Grant

by Kathy Ekdahl
(Centennial, CO, USA)

I am disabled with a rare medical condition, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

I have a 13-year-old son who was recently diagnosed with autism and mood disorder.

My youngest daughter is 11 with the same medical condition as I have. She may be having her first back surgery to correct scoliosis in her lumbar spine.

My husband left me 3 years ago and sold everything. He pretty much dumped me on my 80-year-old father's house.

I currently share this house with my older brother and oldest daughter (both are unemployed).

I have been supporting the household with the help of my father for 3 years now.

It is imperative that I find a house of our own. My older brother is verbally abusive and is a tremendous stress to my son.

I am unable to fix up his room to make it a safe place for him should he tantrum and my youngest daughter and I share a bedroom.

I need help to remodel this home to make it more accommodating or buy a home in the same neighborhood that I am currently in.

My income is only $699 a month. I don't own a car and barely make it month to month.

When my father passes this house will be sold and my two children and I will be homeless.

Any and all help will be most appreciated. Bless you. Kathy Ekdahl.

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