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Disabled Soldier Girl Iraq War Veteran Seeks Grant Money To Better Family Life

by Valerie Johnson
(Lansing, MI, USA)

My name is Valerie. I am a 27-year-old female Iraqi Veteran with two children. My oldest child, Kiarah, is five and a half, and my youngest child is two and a half.

I am currently separated from my husband, however we are still living in the same house due to a financial hardship.

I served for almost 6 years in the Michigan Army National Guard before I took a pregnancy discharge in 2008.

While serving in Iraq as a Transportation Specialist, I encountered several attacks, IEDs, firefights and mortars.

In August of 2004, during a sand storm, my Battle Buddy was driving our truck. The lead gun truck hit a rut in the road approximately two feet deep and two feet wide at a speed of 50 Miles per hour.

We were directly behind the lead gun truck and therefore hit the same rut at the same speed without warning.

I flew upwards, and smashed my Kevlar on the ceiling. It then smashed down on my face giving me a bloody nose and lip.

After returning to home base, I went to TMC where they diagnosed me with a concussion. Ever since then I have had severe upper back problems.

I also have severe migraines due to that accident. My official disability status is 100% for PTSD, Migraines and Chronic upper back pain.

Currently I am separated from my husband, but am living in the same house due to my financial strain.

I have debt around the amount of $30,000, and I am barely keeping up with those payments.

My medical bills continue to accrue due to the fact that the VA medical facilities are not close enough to work with my daughter's school schedule and therefore I have to use my Primary Care Provider.

I am currently in the process of requesting a work ticket from the VA so that I can hopefully find a job suitable to my medical needs.

I do currently help friends out occasionally with babysitting their children, which provides a little extra income, but not much.

I am looking for a personal grant in order to give my children a suitable living environment as well as help take care of some of my debt.

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Jun 03, 2011
Read your story
by: Kristin

I'm so sorry to hear what happened to you. Nobody should have to go through what you did and then have to live with it for the rest of their lives. I wish you well in everything that you do. :)

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