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Disabled Trucker Seeks Grant Money For Transportation Business

by Dennis Shipman
(Newburgh, NY, USA)

Unfortunately, I have a poor credit rating including a bankruptcy (2003), which is the direct consequence of my official service as a volunteer emergency medical technician with Wyandanch Wheatley Heights Volunteer Ambulance Corp at ground zero on 9/11.

That service caused me to lose both my job as well as my business, because I was and remained disabled but still able to work.

So, you have to wonder if the lenders' (declining my application) patriotism only extends as far as their mouths but not actually to their pocketbooks.

Although these ostensibly subprime lenders claim they have "programs" for formally educated owner operators (i.e., professional truck drivers) with bad credit, I am still sitting out here inscrutably without a truck and, therefore, work that is plentiful irrespective of the state of the economy.

At the end of the day, most people take for granted 99% of all freight: that big screen television in your living room, furniture, appliances, seeds for your grass, flowerbed, vegetable garden, and even your food.

It's all delivered by truckers demonized by the general public, underpaid by companies, cheated by brokers and vendors, and disrespected by distribution center employees.

Most are ignorant of the sheer, unimaginable toil involved in driving overnight up to 500 miles in order to bring you fresh fruit in the morning, only to be made to wait hours to unload, which cost them money while squandering valuable driving time.

The credit report these subprime lenders request even after providing them with this negative information adds points to an already dismal credit rating.

So, I guess I would say that if I have been forthright relative to why I have not been able to honor my financial obligations, these lenders should not ask me to complete a credit application driving (no pun intended) down what little credit rating I already enjoy.

I'd like to locate a sympathetic lender that can guarantee financing ($17,500, which is $15,000 for the equipment plus tax and a 48 state IRP or base plate at $1,400) enabling us to start a small trucking company, and become an owner operator.

I can guarantee success on my end because I am willing to go that extra mile -- both figuratively and literally speaking -- ensuring the financial security of my family as well as for myself.

I already have a relationship with numerous reputable trucking companies including giants such as Schneider, UPS Freight, and FEDEX Custom Critical.

They're willing to lease me on as soon as I can get my equipment over to them. I have a co-signer who says his credit is better than mine, which is not a difficult feat.

We want no money down. If down payment is required, I can take monies out of my pension plan but not until November.

We are working with Don Baskin LLC http://baskintrucksales.com/ 1870 Hwy 51 South, Covington, TN 38019, Toll Free: (800) 331-7110, Local: (901) 476-9990 Fax: (901) 476-9091, who has a 2005 INTERNATIONAL 9400i EAGLE, 2003 INTERNATIONAL 9900i EAGLE, 1999 PETERBILT 379EXHD, 1992 PETERBILT 379EXHD, 1987 PETERBILT 379EXHD in stock we want.

Baskin wants $15,000 for one these tractors, which is all we need to get started, earn money, provide for our families, and realize the American dream, which should not be the nightmare it has been for us for the last 9 years because of a single, horrendous act of terrorism.

The average annual gross earnings of a decent, not even good, owner operator can be $100,000. We could make a go of it with that sort of income even before taxes, and hope that someone will assist us to realize this objective.

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