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Disabled USAF Veteran Seeks Housing Grants Or Home Loan To Ease Money Pain

by Erwin
(Newport News, VA, USA)

I am a 44-year-old disabled veteran of the USAF. I'm married and the father of three wonderful children.

I'm looking for a veteran's home loan or veterans housing grants or any kind of grants for veterans to help with my home repairs and maintenance.

I spent over 14 years in the USAF in the weather field. I spent almost half my career supporting army aircraft.

Being stationed on army bases and going wherever they did was interesting but took a toll on my body.

In 2001 I was stationed at Langley AFB. It was March and we were ending an exercise when someone called my name from behind. With a sand bag in each hand I turned and I felt a sharp pain in my back.

I sucked it up for several months before I finally made an appointment with a doctor who referred me to physical therapy for treatment.

I began therapy with a young lieutenant who did not believe I was injured. He thought I was making it all up.

I did physical therapy for 4-5 weeks when he told me if I was not better I would have to go in front of a medical board. This sounded pretty scary and there was a possibility they would kick me out.

I knew nothing about medical boards and the lieutenant told me very little. So, again I sucked it up and said it was feeling a little better.

Skipping ahead to October 2003, I was out running to prepare for the new PT test when I stepped off a curb and felt a crunching feeling opposed to a pop you might hear when your back pops.

I went to the doctor and again I was sent to Physical Therapy. To my dismay the lieutenant was now a captain. He still didn't believe me and gave me the same line with the medical board.

This time a little more mature, I asked about an MRI or CT scan. In a very sarcastic voice he said I would have to talk to my Primary Care Manager (PCM). So I did.

I told my PCM that Physical Therapy told me to talk to them (PCM) about an MRI or CT scan (saying word for word what they said).

Up to this point I had been living in constant pain for a couple of years. I did not know that this caused depression and how it affects everyone around me.

I went from "Forecaster of the Year" to a 3 on my Enlisted Performance Report, which is death to a military career. (The best is 5 and 2 means you're going to Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary and I have never seen a 1.)

As big as the Air Force is on depression, my supervisor, a prior enlisted E6 and now a Lieutenant, never put 2 and 2 together.

Okay, after getting an MRI this is what they told me: I had a couple of bulging discs, an extremely large herniated disc and degenerative disc disease.

I went under the knife in February of 2005. The herniated disc had been there so long it had calcified and had to be chiseled out. It makes me wonder if in 2001 if I had a different physical therapist if I would be so bad off today.

When I was medically retired I only received half of what I was making. This made the depression even worse.

I wasn't working. I couldn't find a job where they would take into account my physical needs and limitations.

I couldn't even pass a simple drug test with the medication I was taking. I received a power chair from The Scooter Store in late 2010.

For the longest time I couldn't get a job, so I tried selling things at a flea market. That didn't work out too well.

I applied for SSDI and five weeks later was notified I was going to receive it.

I have tried work-from-home jobs like multi level/network marketing, filling out surveys and many others. Now I clip coupons and have my daughter do the shopping for me.

I'm looking for a veteran's home loan or veterans housing grants or any kind of grants for veterans to help with my home repairs (windows for example) and maintenance that I have been putting off.

I also need work done on my car so a cars for veterans grant or any type of help, even a veteran's car donation, would make life so much better.

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