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Disabled Veteran Needs Government Grant For Home Down Payment

by Michael Sander
(Homestead, Fl, USA)

I am a 36-year-old disabled veteran. I am single and I have no dependants.

I have been suffering from many disabilities. I receive Veterans Benefits for a lower back condition. I receive 30% which is $396 a month.

I am permanently disabled by the Social Security Administration for Clinical Depression.

I receive $1196 per month for bipolar disorder, and severe social anxiety disorder, including the clinical depression.

I started receiving Social Security in 2004 and my Veterans Disability in 1996.

I'm currently fighting the Veterans Administration with my lawyers to link my mental disorders including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to my time in service.

I live in South Florida and the cost of living is pretty high here. With my income, I live paycheck-to-paycheck and most of the time I don't make it.

I rent from a friend but he is also disabled so he can't give me a break on rent or utilities. I have no vehicles and no assets.

I have no insurance. I have to pay for my doctors out of pocket and can't afford to see my psychologist anymore which is a detriment to my getting well. I also have to pay cash for all of my prescriptions.

Due to my disabilities I cannot work. I receive Social Security Benefits and Veterans benefits. I am still struggling. I receive no other assistance at this time.

I am searching for grants that will help me with a down payment on a home, a cash grant for monthly expenses and assistance with a vehicle because I have no transportation.

The grant for the purchase of a new home is most important to me.

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