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Disabled Veteran Seeks Disability Grant For Financial Assistance

by Richard
(Palm Harbor, Florida, USA)

I am a 46 year old Marine Combat Veteran. I am a single parent of three children. My two boys live with me.

I was medically discharged in 1994 from the Marine Corps for injuries incurred during service. My feet were injured, specifically my left foot.

In 2008, I re-approached the VA. I re-submitted claims for disabilities incurred on active duty.

In 2011, the VA performed surgery on my feet. This was an attempt to correct my physical and emotional limitations, as well as chronic acute pain. I was unable to work throughout the periods of convalescence during my surgeries. I then lost income and savings in order to maintain my household.

An additional corrective surgery was scheduled for November 2012. This was to replace the joint solution provided by the VA for my right foot. The joint became misaligned during use. It caused acute debilitating pain.

During this period of convalescence, financial aid and assistance is needed. This will be used to cover medical expenses, rent, utilities, and daily expenses associated with the household.

Disability Issues

I had physical limitations associated with disability. I was unable to run. My ability to walk and stand without acute pain was reduced.

I am working as an operations supervisor for UPS. However, during the course of my day to day activities, my physical disability has caused severe pain. It limited my ability to perform daily assignments on a regular basis. As a result, I have to turn to a medical solution in order to address my issues.

Financial Hardship

I am unable to maintain medical insurance monthly coverage. This also includes paying monthly rent and utilities, as well as day to day needs associated with food and lodging.

During the last surgery, I used all of my savings and financial resources. Unfortunately, I no longer have any more savings to live off of at this time.

Income Efforts

I am currently employed full time by UPS. However, I am out on personal leave / FMLA due to my surgery. I am not receiving my normal salary.

This period of convalescence is unknown. Tentative return to report for work is on January 2013 if I am able to walk. However, I won't be able to return to 100% even with this operation.

Specific Needs

I specifically need financial aid and assistance to cover my insurance, medical, dental fees, and other things needed for myself and my children's everyday life.

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Dec 07, 2012
Maybe More Than You Realize
by: Claudy


To start, please understand my deep gratitude for your service to our country. I know most everyone is or should be grateful. Thank you, Sir.

Now maybe there is help for you that you are not aware of! Please go online to benefits.gov, and take the statistical survey. Once you answer all the easy questions, you get a computerized list of all federal, state and local agencies that provide the help specific to you. I'm sure you will be amazed at all there is you did not know about! They include addresses and contact information. The list will probably include grants, services, benefits, housing and so on. You will not be disappointed.

One thing though, when I took the survey, I couldn't get the word next to click at the bottom of each survey page! On the left top side of the page is a list of every page in the survey and I clicked on the next page in the list and was able to continue. Just in case it happens to you!

Again Sir, I thank you for our nation for your service. I'm wishing you the greatest of luck real soon. It's time you have some.

Take care.

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