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Disabled Veteran Seeks Government Grant For Income Producing Business

by Michael Simmons
(Greeley, CO, USA)

Michael Simmons, Veteran Willing To Work

Michael Simmons, Veteran Willing To Work

I'm a 57-year-old disabled veteran seeking a business government grant. The economy now makes it almost impossible for someone my age to find a job.

I have been out of a job for 13 months now, and my wife lost her job in May of 2009. It seems that my age is a barrier to getting a position with a company. We do not even have health benefits.

I am somewhat limited to the type of jobs I can do. I have a service-connected disability concerning my knee, and cannot walk long or stand long periods of time.

I have accumulated many degrees in business and it surprises me that I cannot get a job. The only alternative I have is to start my own business.

Over three years ago I was a Process Server for a company in Northern Colorado. So I had the idea to start my own business in the Process Serving business, called Bloodhound Process Servers LLC.

Even though you start a business, you need time to expand and market the business, by having office equipment, advertising, marketing and income to support your family until the break-even is reached and the business is making a profit.

This is why I ask for help in getting a government grant to start a business and be successful because I would have the monetary backing to make it successful.

As a disabled veteran seeking a business government grant, I would appreciate any assistance that could be offered to help me support my family and myself.

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