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Disabled Veteran Seeks Grant Money Or Loan Cosigner To Buy Car

by Barry S. Kimball
(Thornton, Colorado, USA)

I'm disabled with back, leg and ankle problems, and I need grant money or equivalent help to buy a car.

I have no credit because of expenses connected with being disabled and because of a foreclosure. I would like to declare bankruptcy.

I get social security disability and work three days a week. Each month I also get some retirement money, which is due to be over soon. This all adds up to $3,000 a month.

The pain I go through each month and day is harsh and mentally I have depression. Some things that I have include a bus pass that works for half price bus fare. This helps for the summer months and fair weather. I sometimes get rides from fellow workers for my 20 some miles to work.

I am struggling to lose weight and be able to walk like I need to.

My wife is also in need of medical and physical help. She was injured about five years ago and struggles with hip and leg problems.

I get help for my problems of disability from the VA and from Secure horizons but my wife has no doctors.

I have sought a loan for a car and am told that I can get a loan with a cosigner, but I have no one to cosign for me so most have told me no.

I need a grant to go back to school, but I also need a car.

When the retirement is over I will need to have some help to maintain the payment for our townhome we live in now.

If you can help me I would appreciate it.

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Nov 22, 2010
Some suggestions for you
by: Anonymous

I don't know how old your website or request is but if you contact the Salvation Army they can refer you, and so can the VA if you're a veteran. In addition you can sell that townhouse and live inexpensively in a one-bedroom apartment plus you wouldn't have any maintenance to do and if you get into the right kind of apartment their security and maintenance people would do the things that are required to be done on that apartment. As far as work and a car goes, I suggest you work online, and also find a place nearby that delivers food, and order what you need from the internet. Then if you still have needs see if you can get foodstamps. It's a lot easier working from home and not having to get out in traffic and have high maintenance on a vehicle.

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