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Disabled Veteran Seeks Help To Deal With Effects Of SSCRA Violations

by Chris
(Roseburg, OR, USA)

I am a 36-year-old disabled veteran. I have a very supportive and patient wife and two great boys 12 and 18.

My concern is for disabled veterans like myself who receive no military help against Soldiers & Sailors Civil Relief Act (SSCRA) violations upon discharge.

I served as an infantryman in Sadr City, Iraq in 2004-2005 where I was often referred to as a Timex Watch.

I was wounded on several occasions in Iraq, none of which forced me to leave the country prematurely. So narrowing my disabilities to a single incident is difficult.

However in early 2005 my convoy, more specifically my vehicle, was hit by an old outdated white phosphorus artillery round. Had it been newer all my problems would now be over.

The Veterans administration has rated me permanent and totally disabled due to bilateral knee and back conditions, hearing loss, severe P.T.S.D., traumatic brain injury, an inability to retrain for a new career and other minor complaints.

My biggest hardships happened when I returned from my deployment and released from Stop Loss in 2005. I was unable to do any type of physical work due to pain.

Remembering simple things like what city I live in or a conversation I had two minutes ago became impossible.

But the biggest surprise was that when I was overseas a leasing company that, by Federal law (Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act), was supposed to release me from my contract because of a combat deployment, sued me while I was in a combat zone for 8 months of rent.

These are serious federal violations that we were assured by our government that we were protected against.

As a result, my limited income and poor credit made it impossible for me to establish any kind of reasonable percentage rate on loan for a car or other type of necessary credit.

I now pull disability for VA and SSDI, more than enough to purchase a home with little risk.

However, since I am no longer in the military there is no help whatsoever from them to even advise those whose rights were violated while overseas defending the rights of all other Americans.

JAG, HUD, VA, social services (local and government) to name a few, have all told me how disgraceful this fact is and that there is in fact, no help for myself or the many other veterans that face similar situations.

My wife was forced to take care of me and I had only a little income from unemployment or disability checks that would increase as I navigated the unending bureaucracy for years.

But by the time I reached some degree of financial stability the damage was already done.

I do not regret answering the call to serve my country or the disabilities I deal with on a daily basis. However, had I not deployed I would now be in my own home.

This above all is the one thing I want for my family and is the one thing I cannot give them. My TBI keeps me from being able to repair or dispute my credit on my own. And a lawyer is too expensive.

My disability is permanent and total and I am eligible for a home adaptation grant and a VA loan. I feel I should be able to secure a VA loan since my credit was violated during wartime service but that is just simply not the case.

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Sep 14, 2011
Insurance companies always say NO
by: Ken

Hi Chris,
Some thanks you get eh? Thank you for your service and I hope this link may help, just copy and paste it to your browser. http://www.va.gov/statedva.htm
Hope this helps, good luck.

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