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Disabled Virginia Man Needs Government Housing Grant For Family Of Five

by Sam E. Deal Jr.
(Patrick Springs, VA, USA)

Disabled Sam And Baby Girl

Disabled Sam And Baby Girl

I'm a disabled man with a family of five looking for a government housing grant for a new home.

I would like to buy a house, but I can't make the down payment and get a mortgage because I don't make enough money and I don't have good enough credit.

We really need a home of our own, because in the old house where we live now there are too many problems.

The water is no good. The furnace is broken. We use the fireplace but the chimney is broken so some smoke comes inside.

The house is wired up wrong. We don't have enough plug-ins. We have to use surge protectors just to plug things up. The plug-ins are in the floor of all places.

Our bathroom has no plug-ins nor does it have a tub. The third bedroom is our laundry room. It has no plug-ins except for the washing machine and dryer.

Over half of our windows are broken. They have metal or boards over them. The top of our house has a hole in the side of it. We have a very hard time getting anything fixed.

We are renting and we would really like to have a home of our own to fix up the way we want it. We like the location, but the house we are living in is not in the best shape.

We have a six-month-old daughter along with a 12-year-old daughter and a 16-year-old son. Our baby will not be able to have her on room.

We have to go to my mother's to give the baby a bath, and to do our laundry and to get fresh water to drink.

We are having a very hard time living here. It is costing us more than we make. I am on oxygen full-time with other major medical problems.

I have to use a power wheelchair and we have no room to use it here. That is why we need a home of our own. A government housing grant would be so welcome.

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