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Disabled Widow Seeks Grant Money For Relief Of Medically Caused Debt

by Kathy L. Smith
(Kelly, NC, USA)

I am a 60-year-old widow with a 30-year-old son and both of us are disabled.

I have been trying to keep going for six years now since my husband died with cancer and I am finding it harder and harder to make ends meet.

I owe money to a lot of people and cannot pay them because I am on a fixed income. I get disability but not that much, certainly not enough to pay off all the people I owe.

I have been trying to get my son his disability but they keep telling him he can work and he can't even get Medicaid to help him take himself to doctors that could maybe help him some.

I am responsible for all the bills and doctor and medicine bills for both of us and with no more than I get I sometimes have to do the best I can to put food into the house by the end of the month.

My house needs work; in fact I need a new home. This one is over 30 years old and a doublewide mobile home.

I have fire ants that are coming in my house and I can't afford to have it sprayed. I am allergic to the ants so we spray bug spray but they keep coming.

My car needs some fixing up too. In other words I need a lot of things for myself, my son, my house, my car and for bills owed and I just don't have the funds to do all that needs to be done.

I heard about Government Grants that you don't have to pay back that are there to help people like myself and my son so I figured I would try and see if I could get such a grant.

If I had the money to do the things that need to be done I would not be writing this letter because I am one that was raised to do for myself.

But there comes a time in one's life that unforeseen problems arise and you just have to ask for help and that is what I am doing. I am asking for help if I can get it.

I live in North Carolina in Pender County and I have tried to get help from the organizations around this area but so far I have only gotten Medicare.

I am supposed to be on Medicaid but I have to meet a deductible of $4,220 every six months so that is really not good because the only way that will happen is if you stay in the hospital for a month or two.

It does not seem fair that they should want me to meet a deductible that high anyway especially since I am on Medicaid and Social Security Disability.

But that is the way it is and that is another reason I need help. I just am having a lot of trouble making it on what I am getting.

If I could get a grant or if you could direct me to any sort of help, I would appreciate it very much.

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