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Disabled Wife And Husband In Dire Straits Seek Government Housing Grant Money

by Donna
(Tampa Bay, Florida, USA)

We are in dire straits. I am disabled and my husband is unemployed. We owe $140,000 on our house and it is worth about that, as it needs improvements.

We have been forced to lower our payments through a modification program from Chase that comes with a $95,000 balloon payment when it matures.

We have no money, just my small social security check and his unemployment, which will run out soon. He has no healthcare so he has needed medicine including for pain that he can't get.

We are also in debt for credit cards, a car to be repossessed, which I need for my doctor. He needs to find a job in Tampa, Florida.

He's an electrical engineer without a degree, but with 25 years experience. Surely the experience counts for something. He is 56 and I am 54. We are too young for a lot of programs.

Our oldest son died 2-1/2 years ago. Isn't that enough pain for one family to go through?

Our only other son is stuck in Japan in a two-room apartment with his wife, stepson and our new granddaughter we've never seen nor do I know if we'll ever see her.

We are desperate. We don't know what to do. How can we live on the streets and why does the government make it so hard to apply for grants for personal uses and not use the money probably because of this reason?

Help save our lives. We want the six of us together in the US but I don't see it in our future. I don't see a future for us. Please help us.

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May 31, 2011
They are honest people
by: Anonymous

I love this company. They loan money in Texas and will charge a fair price for a loan modification.

Apr 16, 2011
Beware of Allstate modifications!
by: Anonymous

It may not be what you think it is. Call your lender for free for loan modifications.

Dec 17, 2009
Dire Straits, I understand and want to share info!!
by: Anonymous

Hello I am a disabled LPN. It took me from 2006 to return home after five moves and becoming indigent over night from the nation's worst disaster, Hurricane Katrina. We reside in the true ground zero. Many actors and actresses feel that the 9th ward was the ground zero. Sorry, St. Bernard parish was. People do not realize that New Orleans flooded a day after the storm. St. Bernard parish was under water the day the storm hit. Our levees broke near our home in a no flood zone. My husband also holds two degrees; however, he is totally deaf. No one would hire him post-Katrina. We even moved to TN as they had FEMA assistance. We also were on unemployment. We emptied my retirement, and my savings, just to start over. So I totally feel for you!! Genuinely.

About two weeks ago, I had to go to the home of my niece, who had just moved into this home, and the phone number was new. Allstate modifications called and said someone called from this number. I found out that President Obama has given the banks a lot of funds to keep people from losing their homes in these most difficult times. My husband has had a lot of medical issues since a hernia repair in may of 2008, the surgeon did not explain this to us pre-op. We were in and out of docs offices, specialists etc. There were many extra medical expenses and worst of all he has no sick leave. We too need help. I actually sent a letter to our mortgage company explaining our problems and a request to move the due date of our mortgage. Request denied. Now for the great news. For $99 and the remaining $300 later, Allstate modifications will work with you. Sure I had to put on a credit card, and the last payment of $100 will occur in January. These people do all the negotiations with you on the phone three-way.

I highly recommend you to call them. Why? Because the mortgage companies and banks will not help willingly. I have been with this mortgage company since 1997. Lost all we owned without flood insurance. So I am trying to help you, as many people do not know about this. The mortgage company will not tell you. We have never filed bankruptcy; we actually paid for items we threw away as we had just remodeled some things in our home prior to Katrina, actually $10,000 worth. So in closing I will give you his name. He is the awesome Jesse Lopez at Allstate modifications, the number is 1-281-763-0426. The fax is 1-281-377-7458. They are wonderful. So get out of that 95k BS, and get the help you deserve as an American. God bless, merry Christmas and happy holidays. They can get you straight. I know they can. The office is out of Houston, TX. Good luck, keep the faith honey!

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