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Disabled Wife Seeks Grant Or Other Help To Ease Financial Burden On Husband

by Sharon Gionest
(Akron, Ohio, USA)

I am a happily married woman of 35 years who's looking for a government grant or other help to fend off an impending financial crisis.

I had the honor to raise 4 wonderful children while my husband worked long and hard to keep all of us in a good stable environment.

My husband realized that raising kids is a full time job and knew as I did that it had no benefits, vacations or retirement plan.

About a year and a half ago, I had an operation on my foot to remove the large knuckle just before the large toe, and also had a screw inserted on the side of the same foot, due to degenerative arthritis.

I have been suffering in terrible pain ever since and we cannot afford more surgery. I am currently having difficulty walking and standing. I sit most of the day in misery.

We are now covered by my 65-year-old husband's work insurance, but I will have no insurance or disability once he is no longer working. He will have Medicare.

My husband's work situation is starting to look as though a new supervisor may be trying to replace him with younger and more educated personnel.

This weighs heavy daily on both of us. Our monthly monetary output is currently more than he makes and his pay is increasingly dwindling instead of increasing.

It's time once again, as every year for his company to seek cheaper insurance coverage. This always results in a decrease in his pay.

We are struggling with 2 mortgages as well as the usual bills and the newest is a 1998 Dodge Neon that is gradually wearing out.

We also have a 1989 Chevy Corsica that is a gas hog we keep just in case the Neon breaks down., along with a 1994 Ford F-150 with a locked up engine I can't give away.

Except for a very short time in my younger days, I have not worked my whole life. My husband has always supported us by doing whatever it took.

I applied for SSDI and was turned down. My husband applied for his Social Security benefits and was turned down and so was I.

The reason was that I haven't earned enough credits to qualify for retirement.

We are currently paying on a Chapter 13, which is part of why we are short at the end of every month. This is the result of helping our daughter out of a financial crisis she and her husband had.

I know I will need some form of insurance coverage, hospitalization and medication help. I already know Medicare/Medicaid will not cover me.

My husband has taken some of his 401K to help us keep up the bills.

I would like some kind of financial help to ease the burden on my husband. As it stands now, he will never retire. He has become a slave to a greedy system.

He has a lot of past injuries that are worsening with age. God only knows when his system will quit. Please help.

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