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Disabled Woman Seeks Grant Money To Reclaim Life With Alternative Treatment

by Deborah Mckitrick
(Westland, Michigan, USA)

I was born in Wichita Falls Texas September 29, 1952 and given the name Deborah Anne Pilchak.

My father was in the army and when his term was up we moved to Detroit, Michigan where all our family lived. I have a sister Denise who has passed.

I married for the 2nd time late in life to a wonderful man I miss dearly. He passed away in 2007 from a heart disease.

From my first marriage I had two wonderful children. My son is the principal of an elementary school and my daughter is a welder/supervisor. Both are doing fantastic in their chosen fields and I couldn't be prouder.

From these two wonderful children I got five of the most precious little lives one could imagine, my grandbabies. Two are twins. My grandchildren are my world; there is not another love greater.

I went to the doctor one day in the fall of 2007. I wasn't feeling well. Blood tests were done and the result was I had Hepatitis C.

I also had been infected for some time, probably 25 years or more. It comes on when infected as if you have the flu. Who doesn't get the flu?

Hepatitis is found by accident or late symptoms like mine. What I also did not know is that it can result in cirrhosis of the liver and cancer, which I now also have.

I have had three operations to remove the cancer. I had a liver resection but when they went inside they could not find the cancer because it is so small.

I had an operation where they go in like a angiogram and try to sap the cancer with an incredible amount of chemo. Again the cancer was too small.

Finally we did radiation. Not only did it not work, it damaged the liver further. Now I am facing a liver transplant to my dislike.

Currently I am on social security and disability. I will not ever work in the future unless I make some drastic changes in my life style, and even then it is debatable.

I have plenty of financial hardships. I am on a fixed income from the government, consisting of social security and disability. I cannot work and my expenses outweigh my income.

I have tried to get assistance from the Division of Social Services with no avail. I do get food stamps but they will not help me with my utilities or even my medical.

They are withholding $100 of my monthly income to cover insurance premiums that court ordered the state to pay. I have shut-off notices and bills I just can't pay.

Medications as well cost me. I have to pay some co-pays or payments for medication my insurance doesn't cover.

Medicaid also doesn't cover other medical needs such as abdominal braces and technical medical instruments.

I am on SS and SSDI. I cannot work and I have not received any assistance from any grants or organizations.

I am looking for a grant to further my medical. I would like to try alternative medicine to cure my cancer and other aliments.

Medical treatment that Medicaid will not pay for and I would like financial assistance to get my bills paid.

I want my life back. I don't want to lose it to the knife or bills.

The medical treatment I am looking into is a lifelong process, not just a one-time shot in the arm.

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Jul 16, 2012
Hard times in Michigan, everywhere else too!
by: Ken

Hello Deborah,

I have found a site that has many resources that may be of use to you, click on the following address:


I hope you can find what you need here. Hang in there. It's tough right now, but if you keep looking there will be something out there. Maybe you could also search for low income housing. Bills just never go away. God Bless.


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