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Disabled Woman Willing To Work Wheels Off For Government Business Grant

by Gracye Reed
(Pomone, CA, USA)

Visualizing The Wheeling Health Center

Visualizing The Wheeling Health Center

This is a project that will be fun, enjoyable and a nice place to work. Getting a government business grant will help the nonprofit Wheeling Health Center get off the ground.

It's a big-sized house. All the bedrooms are large and will also have small coves on the outside to move around hot tubs.

There will be a workout center within each room, with dog and cat run beside the rooms, for the help animals.

There will be a laundry room, a large living room, dining room and kitchen. The rooms all are handicapped ready.

There are over 20 ways out of the house and eight ways off the grounds. Then there are ten more rooms behind the house, a little smaller than the ones in the house, in a circled form.

In the middle of these rooms is a courtyard with a water pond. On the lift side of those rooms, there are five to six rooms for the employees. The Wheeling Health Center will be there for those who need it.

There is also a celebrity wing. The first bedroom will be the VP's bedroom-office. Then there are eight bedrooms. The restrooms for the outside parties are between the last two bedrooms next to the kitchen.

A brick wall and the gate of the cage separate the celebrity wing. The celebrity wing will also have its own day care, gunshot-shaped pool with bullet-shaped hot tub, salon and a small park, with a tall wall around it.

The cage is a large basketball/tennis court; you can have parties and other activities within it. A fine screen will go around it and a Plexiglas-topped ceiling will go over it.

Behind the circular formed rooms will be the wine-bottle-shaped pool, with cork-shaped hot tub and party area.

One side of the pool will have the restrooms, one side for men and the other for women. On the other side there is a storage room, for the pool and park.

There's the P.J. Reeds hall, which can be a banquet, conference and faculty room, for parties and other activities, an outdoor enclosed patio.

On the side of that will be the day care. Behind all of this is the park. The park has a track around it, three trees, sandbox and play area, restrooms and a small baseball field on the side. Behind or on the side of that there will be the vegetable garden and fruit trees.

I will work my wheels off, to accomplish my dreams, to show the world that we need a place on this earth too. All I need is some help getting a government business grant or other assistance.

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