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Full Disclosure Advertising Policy Of The Ability Mission Website

The Ability Mission website provides complete disclosure with regard to advertising. There are no hidden agendas since there's nothing whatsoever to hide.

We offer a free service to disabled people who submit their stories to get help solving a problem, usually financial. Income from advertising allows us to continue providing the free service.

ATTENTION ADVERTISERS! See our Media Kit page to discover how you can make the best possible return on your advertising investment by working closely with us.

Advertising Policy

This site accepts advertising and other forms of compensation. Such compensation does not influence the information that we provide. We always do unbiased work.

Cartoon image of flight attendant instructing adults to put their oxygen masks on first before attending to children.

Listings in the "Ads by Google" sections are not selected by us. They are automatically provided by Google.com, which sponsors ads on our site.

Because the Google ads relate directly to the page content, they're actually helpful to visitors with the added options they provide.

Please do support our sponsors and follow our recommendations. It takes time and effort to deliver our free services to you. By supporting our sponsors, you make it all possible.

Think of it this way. On airplanes, they say to put the oxygen mask on yourself before attending to your child. You need to save yourself before you can save anyone else.

Since Ability Mission is a private, non-governmental operaton, the advertising is essential because it keeps us healthy enough to help others. Makes sense, right?

Advertisers We Allow

Below are the only companies whose products we recommend. Apart from the ads served up by Google – such as you see here to the right – they are the only sponsors we allow:

  • The Disability Digest – The Disability Digest newsletter is a free resource for people on (or in need of) disability benefits. It is not published by Ability-Mission.org, but we strongly recommend it because it offers a valuable service to disabled people. The site has oodles of free and useful information, as well as helpful services. Anything that's for sale is at a good price, offering top value.
  • Online Grant Database – This online grant and benefit database is maintained by Information USA. Finding a source of grants is quite a bit of work, but the database makes it easier for you. In addition Ability-Mission.org has a free option for the officially disabled. Learn how we can help you find grants online.
  • DS Domination – This is a program that gives you all the tools you need for a drop-shipping (DS) business. Basically, you sell stuff on eBay and the source of your products handles the order processing and shipping. We have vetted the program completely, which is why we can recommend it. Learn how Sharron, born with no arms and legs, uses DS Domination to supplement her income.
  • SBI! (Site Build It!) – This is the complete suite of tools and services we use to build and maintain Ability-Mission.org. A superb feature of SBI! called Content 2.0 has allowed us to efficiently edit and publish over 2000 stories. Although Ability-Mission.org is a relatively large operation, SBI! is mostly used by individuals with small online businesses. It's for this reason that we can recommend it so highly to site visitors that want a successful online business.

If you have any questions at all about our advertising policy, including if you'd like to be a sponsor, please go to the Contact Us page.

So there you go – full disclosure and more!