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Discouraged 60 Year Old Man Seeks Help With No Expectations

by Steve Sammons
(Murray, KY, USA)

Good day. I am writing to you to let you know of my situation.

I have basically been out of work for about 10 years. I have applied to over 400 jobs in this length of time and have not been able to get a single job.

No answers at all, so that tells me something… that I am too old or over qualified to get any job except maybe picking up dog poop, even though I have a college degree in business management and over 30 years of supervision experience

Well it doesn't bode very well for a proud man to be beat down by the system like this. I have even been trying to sell real estate.

But I have not sold a piece of property in nearly a year. And it is strictly commission work. I still have to pay all the fees and dues that go along with being a real estate associate.

But the federal government took care of this type of employment. Know that my wife works and has a pretty good job. And she gives me money to get along.

But how do you think it feels for a grown man to have to ask his wife for money to buy a big Mac or a tank of gas for the car. I will tell you it doesn't sit very well.

I need to leave my wife and family for a number of reasons, but I don't have the money to do so. So I have to live and take the abuse that is handed out to me.

It's just not good for a man that has worked all his life and then at a certain age, have nothing to fall back on to take care of himself.

I will be eligible to draw social security at 62. But what do I do from now to then? There are a lot of things that go into all this too lengthy to tell.

It doesn't matter anyway because you probably won't be able to help me, but I thought I'd let you know how some people have to live. Thank you. Steve Sammons.

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Feb 14, 2016
You have to apply yourself
by: Carol

Mr. Steve,

Life is what you make of it. Please don't sit there and do nothing. Your wife isn't your safety net. You are the man of the house and you have to pull yourself up and get a job. At least something to help her out. I'm sure it's hard on her to see you in this slump. There are jobs out there and you can find one that you may be happy with. Look at the folks out on the street corners begging for change. You can do better and you should. God didn't bring you this far to just leave you and that's if you believe in God. Ask the Lord to help you. He's your only help and don't be afraid to ask HIM. Jesus loves you so much and wants the best for you. Have you even thought about working at a church as a consultant to help those in a similar situation as yourself? You can be a mentor, be a role model, help encourage others and you may forget about your situation. Just get up each day as if you're going for an interview. Dress up and I pray that the Lord will intervene real soon for you. No need to just sit, apply and get depressed. Open your Bible and read the word. Start in Psalms because it will surely encourage you. Keep the Faith and don't give up hope. You can do this. Trust in Jesus and watch HIM open a door of opportunity for you. Be blessed and smile no matter what. You will make it. Age is just a number and don't look down on yourself. Keep your head up and keep on trucking and make your mark in this world. Jesus will help you. Try HIM.

Jan 30, 2016
Pile of lemons to work with there
by: Jay

Was in the region you live in about 9 years ago, and was going to move my business there. The population for the work I performed was nearly non-existent, as I repair heavy industrial machinery as a sole proprietor. I ended up working as a traveler for about 1 1/2 years, but made significant money doing this. It was a bad move for me to permanently relocate near there.

The opportunities in your area do exist, but they are often hidden.

For your example, as a person who has business experience such as you could be looking for small companies, or start-ups to help with the accounting or purchasing or possibly off shift supervision on a part time basis as an independent consultant. If you are able to string together five or six small customers, you may be satisfied with the overall results.

Doing accounting and tax preparation never goes out of demand.

Your history as a supervisor should mean that you can organize work that needs to be done. It is possible that you might go to companies and ask for overflow assembly work that you can have done (or do yourself) in your garage or basement if available.

The one thing that I saw when I was in this region was a great deal of effort in maintaining lawns, and gardens. Perhaps you could put something together doing property management for local landlords, and maintenance work for seniors. If you could find local high school youths to work part time in the summer, it would increase exposure for the real estate segment of your business, as well as possibly increase sales of the properties you would be trying to sell.

I started my business 10 years ago and it has done well. I made it through the bank induced recession, without losing money, and have done well since. My biggest asset has been being able to make my self available to see the customers, when they needed to see me.

I had others compete with what I do, and some failed, not due to their desires or talent, but due to failing to understand what making the effort to be available means to your customer.

Wishing you the best!

Sep 27, 2015
Too Rude
by: Anonymous

Do I really want to work for someone (inc Government) who value people so lowly that they can't be bothered to respond to my application? No I don't!!

Courtesy and good manners cost nothing! Yet are all too expensive for some.

If you don't want to employ me or have my business simply be ignorant and rude by not answering my application.

Sep 16, 2015
Got it.
by: Lake Zurich, IL.

I am in the same boat. Turn 61 in October. Max depression. Send out requested resumes and never hear anything back. Damn rude recruiters. Don't return my calls. BS. Help.

Aug 31, 2015
The Workbook is a must!
by: Don from Ability Mission


The Workbook shows you how to use your story to get the help you need whether it's disability grants or any kind of benefits.

Don Coggan

Jan 21, 2014
I wish you well, sir.
by: Anonymous

I really hope things got better for you. But from what I've been reading, job prospects for unemployed baby boomers is not looking too good. I think it's ridiculous that our country turns a blind eye to a generation that worked hard their entire lives and now needs help. They are told by those younger than them that it's their own fault or they must not be trying hard enough to find a job. It's sad to see how cold-hearted so many people are. Please ignore those jerks. And I hope the best for you.

May 31, 2013
Limited options at best
by: Trig

At age 60, field work isn't a good option but I may have to try it. I do well to get three applications out per week. There are issues of distance and pay. One can't drive 40 miles each way for a 10 dollar an hour job topping out at 32 hours per week or less. The math doesn't add up. I am depleted. I am rather fit for an old man though that could break down pretty easily. It seems the ruling factions should be named "Bad" or "Worse." Trig

Jul 04, 2012
by: odyseas

I was sad to read your story. I understand how you feel as I am in almost the same situation. With your knowledge I am sure you can put something together for all these people in the same category. Try and do something!

Oct 29, 2011
The Government Needs to HELP
by: God's Child

Everyone should be taken care of in this world. In the USA, a citizen should never worry about health, Food, Shelter, or Clothing. Those who don?t care or say, stop whining, get a clue and get a job, don?t have a clue. God please help them. They are much worse off emotionally than the ones in need. I will pray for all those in need, I will pray the suffering and fear will be lifted.

We, as a nation, as the world, must wake up now! Help the people... Hear their voices. Give compassion and hope for those who struggle, and feel safe to know when you're down. The government will get you what you need, completely. Our lives deserve to be happy and proud. All of us... the old, the young, the rich, and the poor.

"Occupy Seattle" This song speaks for many voices in protest... A Song of a Million Voices - from Seattle to Wall Street. The protest from "Occupy Wall Street" has grown largely demonstrated at "Occupy Seattle." Below is a link that speaks for many voices in protest. This song, titled "Strike," was originally written around 1990 from a Seattle native, Marty Doros, and is very iconic to this event:


Oct 06, 2011
Where's the COMPASSION?
by: Cynthia

I can't believe the negative comments this man got. The last thing he needs is people making him feel worse than he does already. Did you ever hear the saying "Don't kick a man when he's already down?" Have some COMPASSION! I met a man yesterday who is 62 years old and homeless and could barely walk. He was digging in trash cans to collect cans to recycle, which shows that he is trying to survive on his own. He was the first homeless man I met that still had all of his senses and was very intelligent, but he said something to me that was very sad to hear. He said, "Who is going to hire a 62 year old man who can barely walk and has no place to live?" That was CRUSHING to hear! At the same time, I think it is sadly very true. I really want to help this man and am going to do all I can to try. Jesus had a compassionate heart and I thank God that He gave me compassion for people who really need it! Think about it...don't you think the world would be a much better place if we ALL had the compassion that Jesus had?

Jul 05, 2011
Not quite true
by: Pat Bowman


You've been working as a real estate agent, so you're not quite unemployed. There are jobs in your town (I know where you live) if you really want to work. I know, I've gotten one. Don't play "poor me." Instead, play "I'm proud of myself for stepping up to the plate!"

Mar 26, 2011
Doing the math
by: Anonymous

You say you applied 400 jobs in ten years. That's only 40 jobs per year. If you are really, really serious about finding a job, you would have applied for more like 400 jobs in a half year.

At the age of sixty, you really should have been prepared to retire as well, "if" the situation forces you to do so, but retiring does not mean you should stop being active altogether.

Sorry for my harsh tone, but I will not sugarcoat here. This is my honest opinion after reading your post.

On the other hand, you may be a depressed after being abused so many years. Have you thought about that?

Mar 07, 2011
Maybe this is the answer?
by: Anonymous

Have you tried to practice the law of attraction principles? Or try to search some LOA stuffs on YouTube? It doesn't cost you to look! Good luck, sir!

Feb 09, 2010
Take Charge!
by: Mark Nelson

Take charge!... it's your life you're talking about here. You seem to be asking someone else to take responsibility for your situation. Who do you honestly think is going to help you? If anyone, it will be a person with a similar mindset to yourself. Here's my tip for you... Do something, just a little something, to help yourself. You will then notice that others in their own way will help you. Why? Because they are following your good example. No one wants to follow a bad one! All success to you mate!

Feb 01, 2010
I understand...
by: Anonymous

Hey there... don't get too discouraged... life in general pretty much sucks.... I'm 60 myself and know the feeling of getting on in years and having no real prospects!!! I thoroughly sympathize! I've been with the same "old man" for 15 years and I'm considerably broker than I have been in all my life. My man an inconsiderate loser plus abusive to boot! He has no job and basically lives off his elderly mother and my Social Security check. It's just too much to deal with at times! So, lighten up my good man. You are not alone!! Peace, love and happiness to you forever. JD

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