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Drafting Business Grant Money For Bipolar Disorder Disabled Army Veteran

by Richard
(Saint Louis, Missouri, USA)

I am a 41-year-old male and currently separated from my second wife.

I have a 21-year-old daughter who is a student at Louisiana State University, a 16-year-old son that I had to give up for adoption at age three due to my disabilities

I also have two stepdaughters ages 31 and 29, a one-year-old granddaughter and another grandchild on the way.

At the onset of Operation Desert Shield (later escalated to Operation Desert Storm) I enlisted in the United States Army to serve my country in battle as a Cavalry Scout Reconnaissance soldier.

While in One Stop Training I found military life challenging due to emotional instabilities and was honorably discharged due to hardship.

Upon release from the military I returned to my career as a draftsman where I eventually achieved relative success as a Civil Engineering Designer until my mental health symptoms became unmanageable.

I was originally diagnosed at age 25 with Schizoaffective Disorder, which is a mood disorder with psychosis.

At age 27 my diagnosis was changed to Schizophrenia with Major Depression.

At age 33 my diagnosis was changed back to Schizoaffective Disorder.

At age 40 my diagnosis was changed to Bipolar Disorder.

Recently the diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was added to the diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder.

Regardless of the diagnosis the challenge of mental illness has affected every aspect of my life.

Due to manic episodes in the past I have made some poor financial decisions, which have affected my credit rating over the years, which in turn has prevented me from being able to attain decent housing and transportation.

Until recently I have not been able to maintain a steady job because of my symptoms.

My "spend down" (the portion of medical expenses I have to cover monthly before Medicaid covers medical expenses) for my medical care is extremely high, and this often prevents me from seeking medical attention.

Since becoming disabled I have attempted to work various part-time jobs such as screen-printing and hotel attendant.

The most successful ventures I have taken on are the small independent drafting jobs and computer repair work I have done for friends and acquaintances from home.

I am currently receiving SSDI and have maintained a part-time clerical job for over a year with the Missouri Physician's Health Program which includes data entry, filing, maintaining the organization's website, and email campaigns from the office and at home. I recently signed another yearly contract with the non-profit organization.

I am looking for grants and/or contracts to fund my own computer aided drafting and design and technical staffing service.

In today's economy there are not many engineering firms that can afford to maintain a permanent staff of drafters, CAD operators, designers, and other technical staff.

It is my goal to provide Computer Aided Drafting and Design services as well as supply temporary staff to businesses in the Saint Louis, Missouri area as well as to maintain a Web presence to serve other areas.

I project that in the first year I can maintain an average of 10 people working full-time at various engineering, architect, land surveying, and manufacturing businesses.

The gross sales projection is approximately $1,248,000 from staffing services, plus an additional $249,600 from Computer Aided Drafting and Design Projects, for total sales of approximately $1,497,600 the first year.

The projected expenses are estimated to be $554,900 for the first year, which includes:

$416,000 in payroll
$32,000 in legal fees
$30,000 in accounting fees
$17,000 in marketing
$12,500 in computer hardware/software
$12,000 for office space
$12,000 for insurance
$6,000 in utilities
$4,200 for office furniture
$3,200 in supplies
$10,000 for miscellaneous expenditures

The Computer Aided Drafting and Design Service will be maintained by at least one person who will produce construction plans and survey plats for various engineering, land surveyor, architect, and manufacturing businesses using AutoCAD, which is a drafting and design computer software.

The Staffing Service will provide various technical staff for engineering, land surveyor, architect, and manufacturing businesses for temporary assignments and will also operate as a referral service for permanent positions.

Until the business grows beyond my capacity, I will serve as the sole manager and marketer of the services that the business provides and the business will advertise on the Internet, Telephone Directory, and through Personal Networking.

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