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DSD Drop Shipping: The Ideal Online Home Business, Especially For The Disabled

The DSD drop shipping online home business is so perfect for people with disabilities who are unable to find regular jobs. We know this because we've thoroughly investigated it.

DSD is an abbreviation for DS Domination where the DS stands for drop shipping. Whenever opportunities like DSD present themselves, questions always arise...

  • How do I avoid the scammers and MLM companies that just want access to my wallet?
  • How do I avoid burning my friend and family relationships (again) by trying to recruit people for businesses they don't want to be in?
  • How can I join a company and make some substantial money instead of always ending up in the red?

These are valid questions that should always be asked. Happily, DSD is a legitimate opportunity that we've checked out and can recommend to you. But first...

Image of Donald Coggan, founder of Ability Mission.

Hello! Donald Coggan here. I have an important message for you.

You're about to learn how Bari Schlesinger has been able to supplement her Disability income with an online home business. In spite of her disabilities, she is thriving.

Her success is a result of her drive and the support group she's in. If you decide to follow in her steps, you'll want to be in that group.

To make sure you are well taken care of, I've arranged for you to be mentored by my colleague, Lyria Moore, a stellar success in her own dropshipping home business.

Once you've signed up for DSD, Lyria will be automatically notified. She'll then make sure that you get the support you need to supplement your Disability income just like Bari. Scroll down a bit and find out how she does it...

Bari, unable to leave her bed without help, talks about her experience with DSD...

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Introduced in the summer of 2013, DS Domination (DSD) is a program that teaches you how to drop ship on eBay. It is based largely on a person's ability to copy and paste text and images from one website to another.

Drop shipping is the practice of taking one item from one supplier and selling it somewhere else. The basic DSD training teaches you to find low-cost items on Amazon (and elsewhere), calculate a profit margin and sell that item successfully on eBay.

Once you sell the item, you will ship it from Amazon to your buyer on eBay. eBay will provide you with the address you need to ship to. It's that simple.

How Much Will Buyers Pay?

You may wonder why anyone would want to buy an item from you if your item on eBay is higher in price than the same item on Amazon. To understand this, you have to get inside the mind of a buyer.

Imagine you have a birthday party coming up and you forgot to get a present. You go to eBay to search for a nice gift. When you find something you like, you will probably buy it right on the spot instead of searching around to price check and make sure you found the lowest price.

Another example is the clothing that you have on right now.

  • Do you always make sure that you are getting the lowest prices for your clothing?
  • How do you know it is the lowest price?
  • Do you know how much it cost the manufacturer to make that piece of clothing?

The fact is, most of us don't know what a real deal is because we do not completely research all of our purchases. If we did, Walmart might be the only only store left in business. There would definitely be no more 7-Elevens.

So, as you can see, you don't have to worry if people will buy your items even though you list them for a higher price on eBay. They will. Countless eBay drop shippers prove it every second of every day.

What Will You Learn In DSD?

Next, you may wonder what it is you're supposed to list on eBay. How do you find what will sell? It's simple. The basic DSD training teaches you:

  • How to properly set up your eBay and PayPal accounts
  • How to find profitable items to list on eBay
  • How to properly list your item on eBay according to eBay's guidelines
  • What to do if you can't find a picture that eBay will allow you to use in your listing
  • How to use eBay if you reside in a country other than the United States
  • How to stay organized so you know exactly how much profit you are making on each sale
  • How to rank your listing in search engines so that you get more potential customers seeing your listing
  • How to avoid potential pitfalls that occur for those trying to figure all of this out on their own

The basic training also gives you access to DSD Insights. Insights will tell you when your item goes up in price on Amazon and will automatically change your price for you on eBay so you don't lose money on the sale of that item.

While this may sound like a wonderful opportunity to earn some extra money online, there are certain requirements that need to be met before you can start. Here's our checklist:

  • Access to a laptop/desktop computer (your own, a friend's or at the library)
  • Ability to open a PayPal account
  • A clear mind to help in deciding what to list

Bari and others have taken action on the training they received. They've learned how to find items they can sell for a profit on eBay. That profit is adding nicely to their income and making their lives more than just a little bit better.

The training you receive from the program is simple and easy to follow. More than 80% of people who start with it stay with it. In fact, most people want to continue their training into more advanced areas of drop shipping.

Who wouldn't want to keep on learning how to make more money after those first sales? Everybody loves to shop, right? So why not be the seller that makes those profits?

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A DSD Leader's Sage Advice

This sage advice comes from a successful DSD leader's post on Facebook. He doesn't mean to be harsh, but he has to tell it like it is.

"This is a listing game. You're running an ecommerce store. If you put up only five items over 60 days, don't complain that you're not making $10K a month yet."
"You'll sell approximately 20% of your listings monthly on average. With only five items listed, you'd be LUCKY to get one sale a month. With 500 listings, you'd probably get around 100 sales a month. At an average profit of $20 a sale, you'd pocket $2K per month."
"You have to put an effort into DSD, like any business. If you owned a restaurant would you open your doors for five minutes a day and expect to be a millionaire? OF COURSE NOT!!!"

That's how it works. You treat DSD as you would any serious business. Start by putting in a few hours every day and you'll see results over time. Thousands of successful DSD business owners have proven that beyond any doubt.

Another Leader's Practical Tips

Here are some great tips from Oliver Mupas, who has graciously shared how he does really well with DSD and how you can too!

Oliver sees a lot of people giving advice to just list, list and list. It is very important to have strong and persistent activity. However, he says that you are just spinning your wheels if you are listing just to list. You need to be listing items that are proven to sell and you need to have quality listings.

What does he mean by this? These are his stats over the last 30 days. His average transaction size is just over $100. Out of 222 listings his sell-through rate is over 80%. That means he sells 8 out of every 10 items he lists! And that is at an average overall profit margin of 10% ($10 for every $100 sale on average).

Oliver says there are several things to consider when listing:

  1. List only proven sellers. This means that the same seller has sold the same item at least four times in the last 30 days.
  2. Write great listing titles. This means to fill them with actual keywords buyers will use to find the item you are listing.
  3. Add multiple item specifics. This means including as many as possible of things like UPC, MPN, model number, etc. The more the better!
  4. Price items competitively. Will you still sell things if you are overpriced? The answer is yes, but you have to ask yourself, "Would I rather sit around and wait not knowing if something will sell for a $50 profit, or would I rather list the same item for a $10 profit knowing it will sell 20 times for a $200 profit and also boost my eBay account?"

There are more, but these are some of the keys.

Oliver has been at this since December 2014, and has really been focused on getting a pulse on the business... what works and what doesn't. If you would like to learn more about how he has managed to put his DSD business on steroids, feel free to message him.

And here are some great proven options to explore in the context of working while being on Disability: