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Dumpster Abandoned Domestic Violence Disabled Single Mom Needs Help

by Mary K. Riggins
(Blackshear, GA, USA)

I am a 46-year-old divorced single mother of three boys. Two are grown. One is a 15-year-old, at-risk boy struggling to survive alone with me.

I have one beautiful grandchild by my oldest son and my 23-year-old son is a junior in college. I have many hopes and dreams for my youngest son, but our struggles are immense.

I am currently disabled due to domestic violence. I was violently attacked and left for dead by my former husband in 2007. I was found in our car abandoned at some trash dumpsters.

He served prison time for the crime, but justice was not served. He was out in two years.

I suffer from neuropathy, cervicalgia, chronic pain syndrome, chronic PTSD and personality disorder.

My neck was nearly broken. I have cervical fusions and a titanium plate and six screws in my neck. I have nerve damage in both arms.

I suffered facial fractures and a broken nose. Both arms are extremely weak. I can't lift a tea pitcher.

My financial hardship concerns my mobile home. It is out of date and falling apart. I am in need of many home repairs.

I have no money left from my SS disability check each month to buy supplies or pay anyone to fix my home.

My son does without so many things and I feel that he is an at-risk child due to the fact his father nearly killed me.

My mobile home was manufactured in 1996 before a lot of laws were in place about quality of mobile homes. My floors are falling through. I need window repairs. I need insulation and roofing repairs.

I have a lot of damage to walls due to his father's violence. My place is a disaster and as hard as my son and I have tried to fix it, we are overwhelmed. We can't do it alone. We have no extra funds and my disability hinders any progress.

I was finally approved for SS disability in April 2010. But my income is limited. There's only $847 per month for me and $186 for my son.

I am looking for any grants for home repairs and parenting a teenager who is at risk.

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Oct 23, 2012
by: abandoned single mom

Thank you for publishing my story. Still hoping for help.

Sep 01, 2012
Emotional & Touching
by: Anonymous

Hope there is help for this family. Seems like they have had a struggle that no family should have to endure. This is a story of survival and the will to overcome. Prayers for this mother and her teenager that they will have a happy ending to this story.

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